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Renate Meijnders

 You can buy Dreads at Dreadshop.com

Are you looking for a dreadlocks extensions shop and are you wondering where to buy high-quality synthetic dreadlock extensions? Dreadshop is the best place to be when you are interested in purchasing beautiful dreads. Discover the various dread extensions, dreadsets, tools and accessories in our collection and create your perfect look!

The founder of the dreadlock extensions shop

I am Renate, the owner of Dreadshop: the dreadlocks extensions shop, based in The Netherlands. In 2001 I wore synthetic dreads for the first time and I instantly fell in love! Countless times I wore synthetic dreads myself, up until 2016 when I decided to have real dreadlocks made from my own hair. These have now been removed and nowadays I proudly wear my self-developed synthetic dreads: the Renate's Locks of Love!

As someone who owns a business, I am creative, ambitious, passionate about traveling and I strive for perfection. That is why I made a trip to China in 2019 to develop the perfect dreadlock together with my supplier. I wanted to see up close how the dreads are made and under what circumstances this is done, in order to achieve the perfect dreadlock that I had in mind. That is why I was closely involved in the making and producing of Renate's Locks of Love. I dare to say that you will not find dreads like Renate's Locks of Love anywhere else.

Where to buy unique and high-quality synthetic dreadlock extensions?

Renate’s Locks of Love is a very high-quality dreadlock. Because of the material used, but also because of the method with which the dreadlock is made. The colors used are unique and all chosen by me. No dread consists of one hair color, but is a mix of different color tones to create the most natural dreadlock possible. The ombré colors also consist of uniquely mixed color shades. At Dreadshop.com you can order your beautiful styled Dreadlocks in different colors and lengths.

The loose ends provide the most natural look. Renate’s Locks of Love are lightweight, making them extra comfortable to wear. Despite that, they have a nice volume. These dreads can be reused countless times and will last a lifetime. The unique long length of 70 centimeters / 29 inch (bum length) is a special addition to the Dreadshop range. And because I want to do my bit for a better environment, Renate's Locks of Love are delivered to you without plastic packaging. You can wear these dreadlocks temporarily, but because of the high quality, these dreads can be reused countless times.

Care for your Dreadlocks


Do you wonder where to buy care products for synthetic dreadlock extensions? In addition to synthetic dreads, you can also find many care products for synthetic dreads, but also for real dreadlocks in my dreadlocks extensions shop. I work with a number of well-known brands such as Dollylocks and Raw Roots. They supply various products, such as shampoos or conditioning sprays for the perfect care of both your real dreadlocks and synthetic dreadlocks. These products are developed with natural ingredients, something that I think is extremely important and nice. Are you looking for products that will help you to take good care of your dreadlocks and your scalp? Then you can always contact us to ask for advice.

You will also find all the necessary materials for installing your dreads in our dreadlocks extensions shop, such as a pin tail comb, elastics or a nightcap. We have also put together various dread kits, especially made for you, so you immediately receive all the products you need for the proper care of your dreadlocks.

Accessories for your dreadlocks

Do you wonder where to buy various accessories for synthetic dreadlock extensions? At Dreadshop you will find a variation of beads, hairwraps & headwear. We have been a European distributor of SpiraLocks since May 1st, 2020. SpiraLocks was founded at a kitchen table in 2011 by Peta and Helen. SpiraLocks are colorful, bendable dreads hair ties that shape your dreads into any desired shape. Both ladies started developing their product, because they could not find anything that could really hold their dreads together.

Since 2017, the company has outsourced the production of their SpiraLocks to underprivileged women in the remote village of Gunu, Fiji. With this, Peta and Helen provide employment and the villagers can invest in their future with the money they earn. From the first moment that we were introduced to SpiraLocks at Dreadshop, we were impressed by the Australian company. A further collaboration between our dreadlocks extensions shop and SpiraLocks was therefore a logical next step for us.

Online course to become a Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist

In 2019 I developed an online course; this is something I have also dreamed of for years. On the internet there is a lot of information about dreadlocks, but if you look closely, this is mainly information about real dreadlocks. I would like it if more people knew about synthetic dreads. With my online course I want to build a worldwide community with students who work with synthetic dreads with our qualities. As a student you learn to make high-quality dreadlocks and you learn to install the dreadlocks with various professional techniques. With this we can help customers all over the world with a great dread look.


Besides working with synthetic dreads, I also teach you all the tips and tricks you will need. How can you use social media? How can you take beautiful photos with which you can promote your own work? And how can you set up your own successful salon? After completing the course to become a Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist you can get started in your salon!

The course is online, so you can easily plan your time for this yourself. You can follow the videos in your own time, whenever it suits you. Next to registering for the course you can also purchase a very extensive Student Kit. This Student Kit contains all necessary materials/items to follow the online course. We cover all products and materials in the online course, so that you know exactly which product you need for what.

Discover the wide variety of dreads in my dreadlocks extensions shop!

Do you wonder where to buy synthetic dreads? Dreadshop is an dreadlocks extensions shop where you can purchase various kinds of dreads. Could you use some professional advice before purchasing a new set of dreadlocks? Together with my team I will help you to find the perfect dreads and we will gladly guide you to the top!

-X- Renate