Colorful synthetic dreads

Would you like to purchase colorful synthetic dreads? Dreadshop offers a unique collection of high-quality dreadlocks that were carefully manufactured with the finest materials. Our dreads differ in color and length and are very comfortable to wear and easy to take care of. Discover our wide range of colorful synthetic dreads!

Experiment with bold and colorful synthetic dreads

Whether you are looking for natural-colored dreadlocks, such as black synthetic dreads, or you would like to wear bold, colorful synthetic dreads: in our web shop you will find the most beautiful dreadlock extensions. Choose from colors, such as pink, red, green, purple, blue and yellow or create your own beautiful color combination. Do you dream of ombre dreadlocks, made with Henlon Hair? Or do you want your dreads to be multicolored? Due to our wide range of colors, the possibilities are endless!

Receive personal styling advice

Have you figured out yet what colorful synthetic dreads would suit you best? Place your order online and start experimenting with different hairstyles soon! Do you have any questions regarding the products we offer in our dreadlocks extension shop? Or would you like to receive personal styling advice? Contact us by filling out our contact form or message us on social media.