Shampoo Bar Sampler 5 pack

For washing your Dreads it’s really nice to use a Shampoo Bar from Dollyllocks. With this Shampoo Bar, available in different scents, your Dreads will become nice and clean!

This Shampoo Bar is developed especially for Dreads of your own hair. The Shampoo bar is made from nourishing, natural ingredients, that not only cares for your Dreads, but also your scalp.

When using the Shampoo Bar the hair growth and elasticity of the hair will improve.

Order this packet with Samplers and receive all the Dollylocks Shampoo bar scents. You can try each scent and discover which scent is your favourite this way.
The Dollylocks Shampoo bar  is also available in a bigger size.

Of course these samplers are also super handy to take with you when you’re traveling!

Content per bar: 28 g / 1 OZ

Scents: Coconut Lime, Rosemary Peppermint, Nag Champa, Lavender Sky, Tea Tree Spearmint


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