Synthetic Dreads

Synthetic Dreads can be installed in hair with a minimum length of 2.5 inch / 6 cm, for this short length we use the Thin Locks of Love.

For the Renate's Locks of Love Originals we recommend a minimum hair length of 3 inch / 8 cm.

They last around 2 months and can be reused endlessly!
We work with different installing methods, no matter what hairlength you've got, we got you covered!

Synthetic Dreads are harmless for your hair, easy to take care of and easy to take out again.

Price: € 85,- per hour

The Dreadlocks are not included in this price.
Time frame: around 2-3 hours for a full head.

If you do not have any dreads yet, it is possible to choose a complete set of dreads from in the salon. We will help and advise you in making the right choice.
We use the following setprices for installing with a complete new set of dreads:

Renate’s Locks of Love
50-55 cm € 499,- 
70-75 cm € 519,-

Thin Renate's Locks of Love
50-55 cm € 599,-
70-75 cm € 619,-

When your own hair is very long we will charge an additional fee for the installing.
Do you need less dreads because part of your hair has been shaved?
Then we calculate the number of dreads we use for you and the hourly price of the installation.