Dread Conditioning

Use one of the wonderful care products that have been developed for both Synthetic Dreads and Real Dreads. Taking good care of your Dreads and your scalp is extremely important. All these products are developed with natural ingredients.

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  1. Flyer Real Dread Care
    Flyer Real Dread Care
  2. Care Kit Synthetics
    Care Kit Synthetics
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  3. Dollylocks Refreshening Spray
    Dollylocks Refreshening Spray
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  4. Dollylocks Conditioning Oil
    Dollylocks Conditioning Oil
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  5. Care kit de luxe
    Care kit de luxe
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Optimal care of your Dreadlocks

When you wear Dreads, good care of your scalp is very important. In our range you will find various products that you can use for the care of your Dreadlocks or scalp.

Our products from different brands are based on natural ingredients, which is perfect for your dreadlocks. You can also view our other products for your Real Dreads, such as shampoos or locking products.

Take care of your Dreads and your scalp with one of our conditioning products!

Natural Products for Dreads

Our advice to you is to use a product that is as natural as possible for your Real Dreads. So choose a conditioning spray that mainly or exclusively contains natural ingredients. Non-natural ingredients can cause some irritation if you have a sensitive scalp.

A conditioning spray always contains nourishing oils. Spray this on your Dreads and scalp to prevent your hair from getting greasy. A maximum of once a day is good!

Care of Dreads for dry hair

When you have dry hair, your Dreads can feel a bit brittle. To give your Dreads an extra boost, in addition to using a conditioning spray and a nightcap, you can opt for a somewhat "thicker" product. Think of a pomade or an oil-based product.

To keep your Dreadlocks tight and to reduce the amount of loose hair, you could use a Tightening Spray.

Is your scalp sensitive or irritated? Then use a nourishing oil and the Rescue Spray from RAW ROOTS which will give you the perfect relief!

Care of your Dreads with oily hair

When your hair is quickly greasy, the moisture on your scalp is often out of balance. Dreadshop's advice is to only use natural-based products and to wash your hair regularly with a natural-based shampoo. In addition to a conditioning spray and the use of a nightcap, you could use a Tightening Spray to keep your Dreadlocks tight and to reduce the amount of loose hairs. Use this, but also the conditioning spray, to prevent your hair from getting greasy quickly.

Buy Dreadlock care products

Buying care products for Dreadlocks is the best thing there is! And at dreadshop.com you've come to the right place!

We sell various care products from different brands such as DollyLocks and Raw Roots. Dreadshop offers an extensive collection of care products where you will always be able to find good quality products.

Dreadshop ships on all working days so that you receive your order as soon as possible!