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Make your own Dreads or Braids with Kanekalon Hair

With this high quality Kanekalon hair you can make perfect Dreadlocks or Braids!

Dreadshop Kanekalon has had hair in its range for a long time. Dreadshop likes to work with Synthetic Hair of high quality and that is why we have set requirements for the Synthetic Hair that we offer in our range.

Since 2020, Dreadshop has Kanekalon Hair in its range that does not contain a chemical coating, which we find extremely important.

Our experience is that this chemical coating can irritate your scalp. Don't let that be what you want when you are going to braid this hair!

The Kanekalon hair has a slightly rippled structure and it feels a bit stiffer.

The Kanekalon Hair is suitable for making Synthetic Dreads, Braids and Wigs.

The Kanekalon Hair responds very well to steaming and / or sealing your Dreadlocks. Do you want to make Dreadlocks yourself with the steam method? Then the Kanekalon Hair is a perfect choice.

Since 2019, we have been in close consultation with our producers to switch to sending Synthetic Hair without plastic packaging.

This means that your hair will be shipped in a braided tail with only a paper tag attached.

The Kanekalon hair is made from 100% Kanekalon and it comes from Japan.

A pack of Kanekalon Hair contains approximately 3 OZ / 85 grams of hair. The length is folded 23.6 inch / 60 cm.

If you want a full head with Dreads or Braids then you need 4 to 6 packs of Kanekalon Hair.

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