Full Head - Thin

The Thin Locks of Love are of high quality. These Thin Dreadlock extensions are made of Synthetic Hair without chemical coating. You will receive two bundles of Double Ended Dreads and two bundles of Single Ended Dreads. Which is enough for a full head of Dreads. These Synthetic Loc Extensions are easy to install and take out. Due to the high quality of these Synthetic Dreads the Dreads can last for years.

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  1. Thin | CYO Complete Dreadset 28inch/70cm
    Thin | CYO Complete Dreadset 28inch/70cm
    $559.00 Regular Price $577.99
  2. Thin | CYO Complete Dreadset 20inch/50cm
    Thin | CYO Complete Dreadset 20inch/50cm
    $539.02 Regular Price $557.99
  3. Thin | Chocolate Swirl 20inch/50cm
    Thin | Chocolate Swirl 20inch/50cm
    $402.41 Regular Price $421.99

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You can order Synthetic Dreadlock extensions online at dreadshop.com

Are you looking for high quality Synthetic Dreads? Then you've come to the right place at dreadshop.com! You can easily order the perfect dreadlocks via the website.

The Thin Renate's Locks of Love are of high quality. These Synthetic Dreadlock extensions are made of Synthetic Hair without chemical coating.
The method with which these thin Synthetic Dreads are made ensures that these dreads last for years!

To give you some more inspiration, we have put together several complete Dreadsets for you. With a simple click of your mouse you can easily order your Synthetic Dreads online.

Installing Synthetic Dreads yourself

It is quite possible to install your Synthetic Dreadlocks yourself. In this blog I will show you different videos, with different techniques that you can use for installing the dreads.

To apply Synthetic Dreadlocks extensions you need a pointed comb, a quick beader tool and good sturdy elastics. You can order these products as a complete bundle and you can choose the color of the sturdy elastics yourself.

The sturdy elastics, available in different colors, are of high quality and have been extensively tested by us. These elastics are also used in our salon.
The elastics are of high quality and very sturdy. The elastics do not snap when installing the Synthetic Dreads. Even while wearing, the elastics will not snap.

How can I take care of my Dreads?

Our advice is to wash your Synthetic Dreadlocks once a week. Use our Spray Shampoo or Cleansing Spray for this, this shampoo has been specially developed for Synthetic Dreads. If you like , you can use a Liquid shampoo to wash your Dreads.

Do not wet your Dreads more often than once a week. The Dreads absorb a lot of moisture, making them heavier, which ensures that your dreads can sag. The more often you wet your Dreadlocks, the sooner they sag.
Do you want to take a nice shower, but don't get your Dreads wet? Then use our Showercap, it is big enough for a large bunch of Dreads.

Does your hair or scalp get a little greasy between washes? Even then you can use the Cleansing Spray, you only have to spray it on your scalp and do not rinse it out. This product is therefore multifunctional.

Decorate your Dreadlocks with one of our fun dreadlock accessories!

We see it more and more, the bohemian style. You can also create this with Synthetic Dreadlock extensions. How nice is it to decorate your Dreads with beads, yarn and/or charms!

In our range you will find various DIY packages. In these packages you will receive various yarns, beads and charms with which you can decorate your Synthetic dreads.

There are many different ways to pimp your Dreads, that's why we have developed a course in which we show you step by step how you can pimp your Dreads yourself. In these videos you will not only find the standard buttons, we really show you different methods to pimp your Dreads. This way you can pimp your dreads differently.
We also show you how to properly attach the beads and charms to your dreads.

Add an Accent Set to your Synthetic Dreads

You can decorate your Dreads yourself, but it is much more fun and easier if we do this for you! No hassle looking for the right strings or beads. You don't have to scour the internet for the perfect materials for your Dreadlocks. Dreadshop.com offers Accent Sets made of beautiful materials and you will find multiple types of Accent Sets here.
With a simple click on the button you order a beautiful Accent Set!