Accent Sets

No complicated methods to decorate your Dreads yourself. Our Accent sets with some Loc Extensions nicely decorated are immediately ready for use! Variety in your Dreadlook is of course super cool! An Accent set is a perfect addition to your Dreadlock Extensions. With the beautiful decorations in these Accent Sets you give your look a completely different style.

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  1. Accent Dreads Red Oaky
    Accent Dreads Red Oaky
  2. Accent Dreads Em 2.0
    Accent Dreads Em 2.0
  3. DIY Accent Set 20inch/50cm
    DIY Accent Set 20inch/50cm
    $98.09 Regular Price $102.99
  4. DIY Accent Set 28inch/70cm
    DIY Accent Set 28inch/70cm
    $103.09 Regular Price $107.99
  5. Accent Dreads Pearly
    Accent Dreads Pearly
  6. Accent Dreads Lavender Em
    Accent Dreads Lavender Em
  7. Accent Dreads Nude
    Accent Dreads Nude
  8. Accent Dreads Golden Blush
    Accent Dreads Golden Blush
  9. Accent Dreads Muddy
    Accent Dreads Muddy
  10. Accent Dreads Natural Twist
    Accent Dreads Natural Twist
  11. Accent Dreads Grey
    Accent Dreads Grey
  12. Accent Dreads Ginger Drop
    Accent Dreads Ginger Drop
  13. Accent Dreads Plum
    Accent Dreads Plum
  14. Accent Dreads Teal Time
    Accent Dreads Teal Time
  15. DIY Decoration Set
    DIY Decoration Set
    As low as $24.99

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An Accent Set is a perfect addition to your Dreadlocks!

You can pimp your Dreads yourself, but it is much more fun and easier if we do this for you! No hassle with looking for the right strings or beads. You don't have to search the internet for the perfect materials for your Dreadlocks. offers Accent Sets of beautiful materials and you will find a variety of Accent Sets here.

With a simple click on the button you order a beautiful Accent Set!

The Synthetic Dreads are easy to install

You will find high quality dreadsets at We have a very extensive range of Accent Sets with Dreadlocks for both men and women.

The Accent Sets consist of Renate's Locks of Love; synthetic dreads of high quality. In an Accent Set you will mainly find Single Ended Dreads, which you can easily braided in your own hair. These Accent Sets can also be added to your own Dreadlocks in a very easy way.

The Accent Sets will be used as Partial Dreads or will be add to Real Dreadlocks.

These Accent Sets are Limited Editions

Variety in your Dreadlook is super cool of course! An Accent is a perfect addition to your Dreads. With the beautiful decorations in these Accent Sets you give your Dreads a completely different look.

Synthetic Dreads are worn temporarily, you can wear these Dreads for about 2-3 months. To meet the wishes of our customers as much as possible, we regularly add new Accent Sets to the range. All our Accent Sets are therefore Limited Editions.

Partial Dreads with an Accent Set

With Partial Dreadlocks you still have one part of your hair loose and one part of your head are dreads, this is often at the top of your head. The Partial Dreads are usually located in the neck and / or on the back of the head.

It is very important to use straight lines when installing Partial Dreadlocks. The sectioning of your Dreads must be in straight lines.

The straight lines are important for separating your hair and your Dreadlocks. Straight lines make it easier to wash and comb or brush your loose hair. You know exactly up to where you can use the comb or brush.

Complete your Look with super cool accessories!

Do you order one of our complete Accent Sets? Then you will also receive suitable accessories! Do you want to expand your new look a bit more? Then choose one of our super cool accessories which have been specially developed for Dreadlocks.

For example, choose a SpiraLock, with this you can make the perfect Dreadlock hairstyle! Winter or summer? Choose one of our awesome Dread hats or hair bands!