Human Hair Dreads

These Human Hair Locks of Love are gorgeous Human Hair Loc Extensions made from real hair. These Human Hair Loc Extensions are perfect Dreadlock Extensions to use as an extension of your own Dreadlocks, as permanent Dreadlocks or as extra volume between your own Dreads!

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  1. Human Hair Locks of Love
    Human Hair Locks of Love
    As low as $102.99

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Here you will find the best quality Human Hair Dreads

There is a growing demand for Human hair Dreads. It has to feel nice, but the Dreads need to be as natural as possible. Whether you are looking for Human Hair Dreads as an extension or as permanent Dreads, with a wide choice in colors you will definitely find it at Ordering Human Hair Dreads online is not only fun, but also very easy!

Human Hair Dreadlocks of high quality

Next to our assortment in Synthetic Dreads we also offer an assortment in Human Hair Dreads. These Human Hair Dreads are of high quality. And this quality is not only in the Human Hair, but also in the method that the Dreads are made with. Just like with my Renate’s Locks of Love I have chosen for a natural look. With this natural look you can use these Human Hair Dreads perfectly to extend your own Dreadlocks.

Human Hair Dreads available in different natural shades

In a lot of cases our own hair doesn’t exist of one color, almost everyone has different color pigments in the hair. This makes a good color choice a bit tricky sometimes. For this reason I have chosen to work with as many natural shades as possible. These natural shades match with a lot of hair colors. When you use the Human Hair Dreads as extensions for your own Dreads you can also choose to create an ombre effect by choosing a lighter color extension.

The Human Hair Dreads are easily to install and care for

Because the Human Hair Dreads have loose hair at the top the Human Hair Dreads are easy to attach as extensions. With a  Crochet Hook you can easily crochet the loose hair onto your own Dreads to extend your Dreads.

The Human Hair Dreads are easy to care for. You can wash the Human Hair Dreads with a special shampoo just like your own Dreadlocks. These shampoos are very suitable for Human Hair Dreads and are 100% vegan.

You can dye the Human Hair Dreads.

The advantage of Human Hair Dreads is that you can dye them. It is easiest to dye the Human Hair Dreads before you use them. Do you want to dye the Human Hair Dreads in a very different color? Choose a very light color of Human Hair. We advise against bleaching Human Hair Dreads.