Dread Extensions

Meet the Renate's Locks of Love, high quality Dreads, unrivaled good. Available in both Synthetic Dreads and Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions.
These Loc Extensions have a natural look, are lightweight, have great volume and are comfortable to wear.

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  1. Human Hair Locks of Love
    Human Hair Locks of Love
    As low as $102.99
  2. Renate's Locks of Love
    Renate's Locks of Love
    As low as $82.99
  3. Thin Renate's Locks of Love
    Thin Renate's Locks of Love
    As low as $97.99
  4. Color Ring Locks of Love
    Color Ring Locks of Love

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You can order the most beautiful Dreads at Dreadshop

You can make Dread Extensions yourself, but it is much easier to find your Dread Extensions online. No hassle with loose hair, complicated methods to make your dreads and the Dread Extensions are immediately ready for use!

Dreadshop offers Dread Extensions of high quality. You will find different types of Loc Extensions in different colors, lengths and sizes.

With one click on the button you order your favorite Dread Extensions that you can wear multiple times!

Dreadshop has various brands online such as Renate's Locks of Love, , Raw Roots or SpiraLocks. An extensive collection with Dreadlock Extensions and care.

Dreadlock extensions for both men and women

Dread extensions of high quality can be found at Dreadshop.com We have a very wide assortment of Dread extensions, you can find Dreadlocks for men and Dreads for womens.

Different types of Dreadlock Extensions are available. Thin Dreads, Thick Dreadlocks, Long Dreadlocks, Different Color Dreads. There is plenty of choice!

The assortment is regularly expanded with new colors Loc extensions.

Beautiful and strong products of high quality are used for our Dreadlock extensions. For the Synthetic Dreads we use Synthetic Hair without chemical coating. We also ship our products as much as possible without plastic.

Loc extensions, we have the perfect Dreads!

In search of the Perfect Dreadlock I traveled to China at the beginning of 2019, to create a Dreadlock for you that you have never worn before. I succeeded; meet Renate’s Locks of Love!

Renate’s Locks of Love is a Dreadlock of high quality, unrivaled good. Because of the material used, but also because of the method with which the dreadlock is made. The colors used are unique in their kind and all compiled by me, that's why we have much colored Locs. No single dread consists of one hair color, but is a mix of different color shades to create a Dreadlock that is as natural as possible. The Ombré colors also consist of uniquely mixed color tones.

Dreadlock extensions in different materials

In our webshop you will find Loc Extensions made of Synthetic Henlon Hair.

The Dread extensions made of the Synthetic Henlon Hair are perfect for braiding into your own hair. You can take this out again after 2-3 months. These Dread Extensions are of high quality and therefore you can use these Dreads several times.