Double Dreadset 2 lengths

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Double Dreadset 2 lengths
Double Dreadset 2 lengths

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    This is a special offer! When you order two full Dreadsets you will receive even more discount!

    Are you looking for a beautiful Dreadset with a friend and do you both want to order a Dreadset?
    Or do you want to order two Dreadsets for yourself right away to change your look regularly? Then choose these double Dreadsets.

    You will receive two Dreadsets and the price is even cheaper than when you order the Dreadsets separately!

    You will receive a total of four bundles with Double Ended Dreads and four bundles with Single Ended Dreads, this is enough for two full heads with Dreads.

    Renate’s Locks of Love is an unmatched high quality Dreadlock. Because of the material used, but also because of the method with which the dreadlock is made. The colors used are unique in their kind and all composed by me. No dread consists of one hair color, but is a mix of different color tones to create the most natural Dreadlock possible. The Ombré colors also consist of uniquely mixed color shades.

    The loose ends provide the most natural look. Renate’s Locks of Love are lightweight, making it extra comfortable to wear. Despite that, they have a nice volume. These Dreads can be reused countless times and will last a lifetime. The unique length of 70 centimeters is a special addition to the Dreadshop range. And because I want to contribute to a better environment, Renate’s Locks of Love are delivered to you without plastic packaging.

    Do you want to use your dreads yourself or are you going to use the Dreads with your friend and he / she with you? When purchasing these Dreadsets you will receive a free instruction course from me! In this course I will show you step by step how you can use your dreads yourself.
    (In this course I use the installing kit. These products are super handy for installing your dreads! You can order these with your order by clicking here.)

    Send your order number to and we will send you access to the course.

    Would you rather come (together) to our Salon to have your Dreads used, that is possible! Click here for more information.

    * This set can only be returned as a complete package including the accessories. It is not possible to return parts of this set.

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