Dollylocks Shampoo Bar

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For washing your Dreads it’s really nice to use a Shampoo Bar from Dollyllocks. With this Shampoo Bar, available in different scents, your Dreads will become nice and clean!

This Shampoo Bar is developed especially for Dreads of your own hair. The Shampoo bar is made from nourishing, natural ingredients, that not only cares for your Dreads, but also your scalp.

When using the Shampoo Bar the hair growth and elasticity of the hair will improve.

Before you use the Shampoo Bar make your hair/Dreads and the shampoo bar wet. Rub the shampoo bar between your hands, then massage the foam on your scalp. Rub in the shampoo, work from your scalp to the tip of your Dread.

You can apply the shampoo bar directly on your scalp by rubbing the shampoo bar on your scalp.

Then rinse out your Dreads very thoroughly.

Mesh Bag from Dollylocks makes washing with a Shampoo Bar even easier!

A Shampoo Bar is especially great to use on Dreadlocks that have recently been made, because of the salts that have been added to the Dollylocks Shampoo Bar.

Content: 128 g / 4.5 OZ

Ingredients: coconut oil, Hawaiian sea salt, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, raw cacao butter, avocado oil, African shea butter, grapefruit seed extract, hemp seed oil, neem seed oil, natural mineral color, with tea tree / spearmint essential oil or peppermint / rosemary essential oil or lime / coconut essential oil

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