DIY Accent Set 50-55cm

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DIY Accent Set 50-55cm
DIY Accent Set 50-55cm

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    Do you want to get creative? Make your own Accent Dread set now!

    When purchasing this package, you will receive a bundle of Renate's Locks of Love in the color of your choice. After this you can add a color set with yarn / beads and charms to pimp your Renate's Locks of Love!

    And you will receive FREE access to our course in which we show you how to pimp your Dreadlocks with the yarn, beads and charms that we supply you in the color you have chosen.

    You will receive 12 Single Ended Dreads from us. These Dreads are made of the highest quality.

    The Renate's Locks of Love have unique colors, because these dreads consist of different color tones that are mixed together to create unique color combinations.

    These Dreads have loose ends with which you create a very natural look.

    These single ended dreads are easy to braid in your hair or easy to attach to your Real Dreadlocks. You can also wear this Accent Set super nice as Partial Dreads!

    Have you chosen your color Dreads? Then choose your favorite color set with high quality yarn, beads and charms! With these materials you can pimp the Dreadlocks!

    When purchasing this combination you will receive FREE access to our mini course in which we show you how to pimp your Dreadlocks with the yarn, beads and charms that we supply you.

    Step by step we will show you how you can pimp your new Dreadlocks beautifully and how you can make your unique Accent Dread Set.

    This way you can put together your unique Accent Dread set yourself!

    Have you ordered this Accent Dread Set? Send your order number to and receive direct access to our course.

    Do you want to use your Dreads yourself? Then click on this link to view our tutorials.

    * This set can only be returned in its entirety including accessories and everything else that was in it.

    It is not possible to return it partially.

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