CYO Complete Dreadset 20inch/50cm

A complete set with Renate's Locks of Love. These are two bundles of Double Ended Dreads and two bundles of Single Ended Dreads. This is enough for a full head of Dreads. And you will receive some different care products for your Dreads and scalp.

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CYO Complete Dreadset 20inch/50cm
CYO Complete Dreadset 20inch/50cm

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    Full set with Dreads

    Are you looking for all the products you need when installing and wearing Synthetic Dreads, then choose this Complete Set !!

    Maybe you are completely new to Synthetic Dreads or you are looking for all the products you need when you want to start wearing Synthetic Dreads. Then this package is for you!

    You will receive a complete set of Renate's Locks of Love. It contains two bundles of Double Ended Dreads and two bundles of Single Ended Dreads. This is enough for a full head with Dreads. You can compose your own color combination by choosing your favorite color(s).

    These Dreads are of very high quality and the Synthetic hair from which these Dreads are made do not contain a chemical coating. The loose tips of these Synthetic Dreads give a beautiful, natural look.

    You will also receive the installing kit, this kit contains all the products you need when installing the Dreads, such as rubber bands, a pointed comb, a quick beader tool, a sprayer and clips. When purchasing this set you also receive FREE access to my online course in which I explain how you can install the Renate's Locks of Love on yourself. In this course I use all these products from the installation kit, so you also know which product you need for what.

    The care of your scalp and your Dreads is also very important when you wear Dreads. That is why you will also receive an extensive care package with the right shampoos, a fine refreshening spray to care for your scalp and a shower cap. For removing your Synthetic Dreads you will receive a seam ripper with which you can easily release the rubber bands.

    And to complete your set you will also receive a beautiful Storage Bag. The Storage Bag is super handy when you are not wearing your Locks of Love for a while. You can easily store your dreads in the Storage Bag to keep your Synthetic Dreads dust-free. With the ideal length of over 28 inch / 75 cm, the longest Dreadlocks also fit in this Storage Bag.

    By ordering this set it will be much cheaper than when you order everything separately!

    Did you order the set? Send your order number to and you will get access to my online course in which I explain step by step how you can install your Dreads yourself.

    * This set can only be returned as a complete package including the accessories. It is not possible to return parts of this set.

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