Crochet Hook 1.25 mm

This crochet hook is truly perfect to use to extend your Real Dreads with Human Hair or to create beautiful (Synthetic) Ombre Dreadlocks.

Because the hook of this crochet hook is slightly bigger it’s easier to extend your Real Dreads with loose hair. With a bigger hook, you will more easily get the loose hair attached to an already existing Dread. You can use Human Hair for this, but also Synthetic hair.

Do you want to make Dreadlocks yourself with Synthetic hair? Use this crochet hook to create a beautiful ombre effect or to extend your Dreads!

Because of the wonderful wooden grip, the crochet hook is very comfortable to hold.

Are you looking for a smaller size crochet hook, you will find the crochet hook in 0.75 mm here.

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