How do I make my Real Appearing Dreads more flexible?

Real Appearing Synthetic DreadlocksIn contrast to Thin, Medium and Thick Dreads, the Real Appearing Dreads are a little stiffer. This is because the Real Appearing Dreads are made in a different way. They are backcombed and crocheted, which makes them tighter. We crochet the dreads with a crochet hook, this makes the dreads look more like Real Dreads. By backcombing and crocheting the hair we create sturdy, almost indestructible dreads. These dreads are the best quality and will last for years!

Real appearing dreads are like leather shoes…

The stiffness of the dreadlocks may be less good looking and practical at first. You can compare them with leather shoes (like Dr Martens), which are not very comfortable at first because the leather is still stiff. By wearing them often the leather will become softer and the wearing comfort will become higher. This is also the case with Real Appearing Dreads. The more you wear them, the more flexible and better looking they will become. 

Tip 1: Patience… 

By wearing your Real Appearing Dreads in a ponytail or bun, and by running your hands through them, they will become more flexible over time. Patience is a virtue…

Tip 2: Wash your dreads before installing them

Another tip to make your real appearing dreads more flexible is washing them before you install them. Put them in a laundry wash bag in the washing machine, 30 degrees is sufficient.This will make your dreads less stiff before you wear them.

Tip 3: Sleeping with your dreads

When you go to sleep, the best way to protect your dreads is by wearing your dreads in a night cap. This will give them more space and it will even them out so you can rest your head on them which will make them more flexible.

Real (appearing) Dreads

Because of the appearance of the real appearing dreads and how they feel, these dreads look and feel closest to Real Dreads. They are very suitable to wear with or extend your Real Dreads. 

Look at this video for more information: 

Real Appearing Dreads can not be steamed or sealed, but you can wash them. Washing them will also make them more flexible. You can read all about how to wash synthetic dreads in one of our previous blogs.

You can also find more information about Real Appearing dreads in this video: