1. How do you wash Partial Real Dreads?

    We see that Partial Dreads are becoming an increasingly popular hairstyle. Partial Dreads of your own hair is also a style that is increasingly in demand in our Salon.


  2. Synthetic Dreads for short hair

    If you have short hair it is certainly possible to wear Synthetic Dreads. In this blog I would like to tell you exactly how long your hair should be and which technique you can best use when using the Synthetic Dreads. Can I wear Synthetic Dreads in short hair? Synthetic Dreads do need a bit of grip on your own hair, so we recommend a minimum length of 2.8 inch / 7 centimeters for the{{widget Read more...
  3. How do you wash Partial Synthetic Dreads?

    How cool is it to give your own hair some more volume by installing Partial Dreads? Partial Dreads is an increasingly common hairstyle that we see, also with Synthetic Dreads.
    But how can you actually wash your own hair and your Synthetic Dreads?

  4. My Dreads are already slipping down after two weeks, how is this possible?

    The slipping down of your Synthetic Dreads can have various causes. In this blog I would like to explain these causes. In addition, I will also indicate the solution to prevent your Dreads from slipping down as much as possible.


  5. Which colors Synthetic Dreads do I choose?

      You decided to get Dreads or you are seriously considering to get them. That’s great! It is normal that you ask yourself the question; which colors should I choose?Below we will describe some color advices based on a full head of Dreadlocks. Dreadlocks in natural shades When you choose a natural look with Dreads, Dreadshop advises you to choose one to three natural shades that are close to Read more...
  6. How many Dreads do I use with a sidecut, mohawk or shaved hair?

    You can find the answer to the question how many Dreads do you need for a full head, in a previous blog that we wrote about this. But what if you have a sidecut (one side shaved), a mohawk (two sides shaved) three quarters shaved or an undercut and you want to install Dreads? Besides that there are also other factors you need to consider. For example which type of Dreads you want to to use, or how thick your hair is as for volume.
    Our advice about how many Dreads you should use is based on hair of normal volume. This number can deviate when you have very thin or thick hair. If you have doubts about that, contact us!

  7. What’s the best way to store my Synthetic Dreads?

    There are different ways you can store your Dreads neatly.
    We will list a few for your here:

  8. I have (very) thin hair, can I wear Synthetic Dreads?

    If you have thinner hair then I understand very well that you wonder if wearing Dreadlocks is extra harmful to your hair. That is why I want to give you more information about wearing Dreadlocks in thin(ner) hair in this blog.


  9. Do I want to wear my bangs/fringe loose or not when I wear Synthetic Dreads?

      Are you in doubt? Do I want to leave my bangs/ fringe out or do I want to install dreads into them?When you always have a fringe or bangs it can be a big step to braid them into your dread install. Your face might feel/look a bit empty when you wear your fringe/bangs back. Are you wearing dreads for the first time? Then it’s a safer move to leave your fringe or bangs out of your dread Read more...
  10. SpiraLocks, what is it exactly?

    SpiraLocks, the perfect substitute for an elastic

    It’s hard to explain what a SpiraLock is. What can you compare it with? It is not an elastic, but it’s actually a stand-alone, unique item. That’s what makes it so special!
    The description we use is a “Bendable Dreadlock Tie”. It’s the perfect substitute for an elastic. You can bend the SpiraLock around your dreads just as you like. That’s what makes the product so incredibly nice and unique! Your elastic doesn’t fit around your Dreadlocks anymore? A SpiraLock always fits!


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