Accessory package 50-55cm/20-22"

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Accessory package 50-55cm/20-22"
Accessory package 50-55cm/20-22"

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    Are you looking for nice Accessories for your Synthetic Dreads or your Dreadlocks from your own hair? Then choose this fantastic Accessory package!

    When you order this Accessory package you will receive different Accessories to pimp your Dreadlocks with!

    You will receive a Hairwrap in the color of your choice, this Hairwrap is easy to attach to your own hair. With this Hairwrap you give your Dreadlocks just a little more radiance!

    You will also receive a SpiraLock, a Spiralock is a bendable Band with which you can always create the desired tightness with a tail, bun or other updo. The SpiraLocks have been specially developed for Dreadlocks.

    You will receive a Headband XL, you can choose the color yourself. This extra wide hair band falls very nicely over your Dreads. You can also use this hair band as an elastic, so it is multifunctional!

    And you can choose from the Mixed Set beads in the color silver or bronze. The mixed sizes of these beads allow you to create a very nice look. The beads are easy to slide around your Dreadlocks.
    Length of the bead is: 1 - 21 mm
    Width of the bead is 10 - 14 mm
    Size of the hole is: 8 - 10 mm

    * This set can only be returned as a complete package. It is not possible to return parts of this set.

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