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  1. Headband XL
    Headband XL
    As low as $5.99
  2. Headwrap
    As low as $11.99
  3. Dreadtube
    As low as $12.99
  4. Small Dreadbeanie
    Small Dreadbeanie
  5. Accessory package 20inch/50cm
    Accessory package 20inch/50cm
    $74.44 Regular Price $78.99
  6. Accessory package 28inch/70cm
    Accessory package 28inch/70cm
    $77.47 Regular Price $81.99

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Extensive range: From Headband to Dreadbeanie

Protect your scalp in the summer with a headband. We have different colors of headbands for you to choose from. By wearing a headband you ensure that your scalp does not burn.
In winter, opt for a nice warm Dread hat. These are larger than the standard hats so you can put your Dreads in the Dread hat. Nice and warm!

Headwear for Dreads

Different types of clothing also involve different types of headwear. What could be more fun to combine your Dreadlock Headwear with your clothes ?! That is why you will find accessories in different colors or in different designs in our range.
Mix and Match in your favorite style.
Add some beautiful beads and your look is complete!
Order your headwear in our webshop.

Dreadlock Headwear for all thicknesses of Dreadlocks

It doesn't matter whether you have thin dreads or thick dreads, our Headwear is made for a lot of volume. Everyone can succeed at our webshop. You will find a varied selection in different styles.
Did you accidentally choose the wrong color? Then you can of course return the products.

Headwear for your Dreads in different materials

Variation is important to us and that is why you can find different types of headwear in our range. Besides that it is nice to change your look with Headwear, it is also nice to wear Headwear made of different material.
All Headwear in our range is suitable for all types of Dreadlocks, such as Synthetic Dreads, Real Dreads, Wool Dreads or Human Hair Dreads.

The perfect accessories for your Loc Extensions

In addition to our range of  headbands and Dread hats, we also have beautiful beads in our range that complete your look.
Or opt for a SpiraLock, the absolute must-have for every Dread wearer. A Spiralock is a bendable band/elastic with which you can always create the desired tightness for a ponytail, bun, braid or other updo.