Taking out real dreads

In the following text we use the words dreads and dreadlocks interchangeably.

If you don’t want your real dreads anymore you either choose to cut your dreadlocks off or comb them out.

Option 1: Cutting off your dreads

Echte dreads uithalenIf you choose to cut off your dreadlocks, you might want to let them grow out a bit first. You do this to make sure you create enough hair length so you can have a nice hairstyle after your dreads have been cut off. You grow out your dreads by no longer touching up the roots. Your own hair will then stop growing/tangling into the dreadlock.The top part of untangled hair is then easier to comb out after your dreads have been cut off.  

You can also use a “regular shampoo” and conditioner for a while to ensure that your hair becomes softer again and doesn’t tangle into your dreads too easily. It’s best to let the outgrowth grow for a while so you don’t end up with very short hair after you take out your dreads. You want to be sure you have enough length for a nice hairstyle after you remove your dreads.

Option 2: Combing out your dreads

You can also choose to comb out your dreadlocks.Keep in mind that this option is a lot of work and won’t be completely painless.You’ll also need to consider what the condition of your hair will be after you’ve finished this process.

If you choose to comb out your dreadlocks, we advice you to use a sturdy comb and a special remover.

Combing out your Real Dreads

Tip: Use regular shampoo and conditioner for a while before you comb out your dreadlocks. This will make your dreads a bit softer and keep them from matting as much.

Because combing out your Real dreads is a lot of work, we advise you to do this dread per dread. Use a sturdy comb and put the special remover on your dread. Start at the tip of the dread and slowly work your way toward the scalp.

Keep in mind that there will be a lot of loose hairs coming out of your dreadlocks after you have taken them out. This is because you normally lose 80 to 100 strands of hair per day and these hairs have been matted into your dreadlocks.This happens especially with mature dreads (older than 1 year).

Tip: Use a hair mask after you combed out your dreads. This will nourish your hair.

Good luck!