How do I seal dreads made of synthetic hair?

Sealing your dreads means that you will melt the hair in a way by using warmth.
You can do this to make your new dreads sturdier but also to enjoy dreads you bought and used for a longer time!

How do I seal my dreads?

You can seal your dreads in different ways but Dreadshop advises to use steam. This works easy and safe. We’ll explain the different ways to seal your dreads here.

Preparing to seal your dreads

With a double ended dread you keep a small piece in the middle that you don’t seal. This will become the attachment piece.
Roll the dreads in as tight as possible. This means that you turn the dread in the opposite direction (turn the left side away from you and the right side towards you), making it tighter. Do this piece by piece and start on the upper side (thickest part).
When you have a double ended dread, make sure that when you seal the second half that you turn it the same way. Otherwise the dread will unravel again. It will also look better if the dreads have all been turned to the same side.

Sealing dreads: with steam

(Use a steam device that is used for instance to remove wallpaper, a steam cleaner or use steam that comes from boiling water)
If you want to use the steam of boiling water and you don’t have a device for this, use a pot of boiling water. Place the lid on diagonal so that all the steam will come out from one side. An old fashioned kettle will work as well!
Carefully go over the steam with your dread, piece by piece, or if you have a steam device, you go over the dread piece by piece. Keep turning the dread in the opposite direction as described above. You’ll see the dread change. The hair will shrink a little, the dread will become tighter and you’ll get a great finish to your dreads.

Sealing dreads: with a hair straightener or an iron

(with the steam of your iron turned off)
Make sure you have a wet dishcloth or towel (not soaking wet!) and fold this around (the already tightly turned) dread. Go over this carefully with the iron or use a hair straightener to seal the whole dread piece by piece.
Keep the iron or hair straightener on the same spot until most of the steam is gone. Then move the iron or hair straightener a little down and continue until you are done with the dread. This is hard because you can’t see very well what you are doing. It’s the same process as when you steam though.

Sealing dreads: with boiling water

Use a tank or pot of boiling water. Dip your tightly turned dread carefully into the water, piece by piece. Dreadshop finds this is the most unsafe way to steam. The result is the same as with the other techniques. But, your dreads will be wet longer after you sealed them, the dreads will need a lot more time to dry out than with the other techniques.
Tip: put a clothespin on the ends of the dread, then you’ll have a sort of handle to keep hold of the dread and you’ll prevent your fingers from burning due to the boiling water.