Student Kit

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1 x Color Ring Locks of Love   + 0,00 kr
1 x Dolly   + 0,00 kr
1 x Tupékam   + 0,00 kr
1 x Quick Beader Tool   + 0,00 kr
1 x Sprayer   + 0,00 kr
1 x Clips   + 0,00 kr
1 x Dreadshop Sturdy Elastics Transparent 100 pcs   + 0,00 kr
1 x Dreadshop Sturdy Elastics Black 100 pcs   + 0,00 kr
1 x Virknål   + 0,00 kr
1 x Crochet Hook 0.75 mm Single   + 0,00 kr
1 x Crochet Hook 1.25mm (student kit)   + 0,00 kr
1 x Crochet Hook 1.25 mm   + 0,00 kr
1 x Sprättare   + 0,00 kr
1 x Student Pack   + 0,00 kr

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Student Kit
Student Kit

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    Are you going to follow our Professional Synthetic Dreadlocks Stylist course? Then the Student Kit is something you need!

    In the course to Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist a lot of topics are covered and of course you will also get creative yourself! And you need products for that.

    This student kit contains everything you need to become a Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist. And you can still use most products after the course if you want to continue your own business / salon.

    In the student kit you will receive:

    6 packs of Henlon Hair for making Dreads (choose 2 different colors, you will make Ombre Dreads, together with other things!)
    2 packs of Kanakelon hair for making Dreads
    A comb, a pointed comb and a Quick beader tool.
    A Sprayer
    A seam ripper
    Dreadshop Solid Rubber bands in black & transparent
    Several crochet hooks
    A doll where you can braid the Dreads
    And a color ring with Locks of Love that you can use to let your customers choose the right Dreads
    A backcombed Dread, so you can see exactly what is expected of you during the course
    Samples from Dollylocks and RAW ROOTs

    The Student Kit is a very extensive package with products that you need during the course, but that you can also use after the course. An absolute must-have!

    * This set can only be returned as a complete package. It is not possible to return parts of this set.

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