Dread Detox

Behandla dina dreadlocks lite då och då med en djupgående rengöring, glada dreads, du glad, fräscha dreads, du fräsch!

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  1. Inflatable Shampoo Basin
    Inflatable Shampoo Basin
    255,99 kr
  2. Complete Care + Decoration Set 70-75cm
    Complete Care + Decoration Set 70-75cm
    3 579,88 kr Ordinarie pris 3 812,99 kr
  3. Complete Care + Decoration Set 50-55cm
    Complete Care + Decoration Set 50-55cm
    3 477,73 kr Ordinarie pris 3 761,99 kr
  4. RAW ROOTs Deep Cleansing Kit – Dreadlock Detox
    RAW ROOTs Deep Cleansing Kit – Dreadlock Detox
    173,99 kr
  5. Dollylocks Dreadlock Detox Kit
    Dollylocks Dreadlock Detox Kit
    Så lågt som 245,99 kr
  6. RAW ROOTs Creeps Tincture (For Head Lice)
    RAW ROOTs Creeps Tincture (For Head Lice)
    173,99 kr

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Detox for Real Dreadlocks

There are still many things people think about Real Dreadlocks that are not true, like people think Real Dreads would be dirty and unkempt. But that is not true! Nowadays there are a lot of natural products on the market with which you can optimally care for and maintain your Real Dreadlocks.

You can give real Dreads a Detox, with a detox you give your Dreadlocks a deep cleaning. This is an optimal care for your Dreadlocks.

Dreads happy, you happy, dreads fresh, you fresh!

Optimal care for your Real Dreads

Over time, dirt, impurities and product residues will build up inside your Dreadlocks. Unfortunately, you will also not prevent this by regularly washing your Real Dreadlocks. It is important to use a shampoo that is suitable for Real Dreads.

A Detox is ideal for a deep cleaning of your Dreadlocks. This will remove all dirt and impurities from your Dreadlocks. A detox is only suitable for adult Dreadlocks.

Natural care products for Dreadlocks

In our online webshop you will find different Detox packages for your Dreadlocks. These packages from brands such as Raw Roots and Dollylocks consist of natural products and these are especially developed for Real Dreadlocks. Both brands have an extensive range of products for Real Dreadlocks, such as shampoos, conditioning products and tightening products.

Repeat a Dreadlock Detox regularly

You can repeat a detox every 4-6 months. A detox is very nice to do before your dreadlocks need to be updated.

There is a lot of information on the internet that you can use to maintain your Dreadlocks. Unfortunately, we see with many of our customers that this is not enough information to optimally maintain Real Dreads. As a result, the Dreadlocks don't develop as they should. That is why we have bundled our knowledge and experience and developed a Course in which we show you step by step and explain how you can maintain your Real Dreads.

Affordable quality

Our Detox packages have been specially developed for Real Dreadlocks. The Detox contains only natural ingredients.

Choose your favorite brand, Raw Roots or Dollylocks. Select the brand and possibly the scent as desired to complete your order and give your Dreadlocks a delicious Detox.


-X- Renate