Vill du göra dina dreads själv? Med det här kitet kan du sätta igång direkt.

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  1. DreadMaker Kit Henlon
    DreadMaker Kit Henlon
    713,25 kr Ordinarie pris 743,99 kr
  2. DreadMaker Kit Kanekalon
    DreadMaker Kit Kanekalon
    713,25 kr Ordinarie pris 743,99 kr

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Get started right away with these Dreadmaker Kits!

Are you looking for Synthetic Hair of good quality? Then you have come to the right place at Dreadshop.com! With this Synthetic Hair you can make beautiful Dreadlocks yourself.
When you order one of our Dreadmaker Kits you will receive a complete package with all the materials you need to make your own Dreads!
You will receive 6 bundles of hair in the Dreadmaker kit, which is enough to make a full head with Dreadlocks.

Why our Synthetic Hair is the best choice!

We have now reached the point that we have both types of hair ( Henlon hair and Kanekalon hair), of top quality, extensively tested by us and without chemical coating in our range!
Since 2019, we have been in close consultation with our producers to switch to sending Synthetic Hair, both Henlon and Kanekalon, without plastic packaging!
This means that your hair will be shipped in a braided tail with only a paper tag attached.
We think it's really cool to be the first in the world to do this!

Henlon Hair

The Henlon hair has a soft and silky appearance. In our range you will find many different colors of Henlon Hair.
The Henlon Hair is suitable for making Synthetic Dreads, Braids and Wigs.
Do you want to make your own Dreads with the crochet hook method? The Henlon Hair is extremely well suited for this.
Do you want to let your Pigtails run into loose hair? Then the structure of Henlon Haar looks just a bit more natural.

Kanekalon Hair

The Kanekalon Hair has a somewhat stiffer, ripple-like structure. In our range you will find many different colors of Kanekalon Hair.
The Kanekalon Hair is suitable for making Synthetic Dreads and braids.
Do you want to make Dreadlocks with the steam method? Then choose the Kanekalon Hair.
Our advice is when you make Dreadlocks with the steam method, choose Kanekalon Hair. With the Kanekalon Hair you see more results after steaming and / or sealing.

Do you want to make Dreads yourself but you don't know how? This is discussed in detail in our online course in which we train you to become a professional in this field!

Dread Tools: From crochet hook to combs

Qualitative and functional, that is what, when it comes to the dread wearer, it is mainly about finding the right tools. With the right Dread Tools you can easily make your own Dreadlocks and your Dreads will look perfect!
You will find all this at Dreadshop, the best products for an affordable quality. What else do you want?