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  1. Crochet Hook 0.75 mm
    Crochet Hook 0.75 mm
    Så lågt som 71,99 kr
  2. Crochet Hook 1.25 mm
    Crochet Hook 1.25 mm
    71,99 kr
  3. Spetskam
    40,99 kr
  4. Dollylocks Antimicrobial Silkcomb - Pro 50 Comb
    Dollylocks Antimicrobial Silkcomb - Pro 50 Comb
    132,99 kr
  5. Tupékam
    102,99 kr
  6. Dread Tool
    Dread Tool
    112,99 kr
  7. Sprättare
    20,99 kr
  8. Quick Beader Tool
    Quick Beader Tool
    40,99 kr
  9. Clips
    153,99 kr
  10. Sprayer
    102,99 kr
  11. Badmössa
    204,99 kr
  12. Nattmössa
    102,99 kr
  13. Storage Bag Locks of Love
    Storage Bag Locks of Love
    153,99 kr
  14. Dolly
    1 022,99 kr

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Dread Tools: From crochet hook to comb comb

Qualitative and functional, that is, when it comes to the dread wearer, what it’s mainly about finding the right tools. With the right Dread Tools you can easily maintain your Real Dreadlocks and your Dreads will look perfect!

You will find all this at Dreadshop, the best products for an affordable quality. What else do you want?

Extensive range of combs and crochet hooks

Are you looking for good Dread Tools? Then you've come to the right place! From crochet hooks, pointed combs & back comb to care products for your Dreadlocks, we have it all! Adapt your product choice to the maintenance of your Dreads or choose one of our Toolkits so that you immediately get all the products you need to maintain your Real Dreads.

Optimal care for your Real Dreadlocks

Proper care of your Real Dreads is extremely important. This will prevent your Dreadlocks from getting very fluffy, growing together or becoming very flat.
For example, use a nightcap when sleeping. This will prevent your Dreadlocks from fluffing.
Don't want your Dreadlocks getting wet every time you take a shower? Then choose a Showercap and keep your dreadlocks dry.

Get rid of loose hair in your Dreads

A known problem with many dread wearers is the loose hair. With a good Tightening Gel you can easily "stick" the loose hairs to your Dreadlocks.
You can also choose to put these loose hairs back into your Dreads with a Dread Tool and then hook them securely with a crochet hook.

How can I maintain my Real Dreadlocks myself?

There is a lot of information on the internet that you can use to maintain your Dreadlocks.
Unfortunately, we see with many of our customers that this is not enough information to optimally maintain Real Dreads. As a result, the Dreadlocks don't develop as they should.
That is why we have bundled our knowledge and experience and developed a course in which we show you step by step and explain how to update your Real Dreads.
In this course (English spoken) we explain the different Dread Tools you need to maintain your Real Dreads. We will explain which Tool to use for what and we will show you exactly how to use the Tool to maintain your Dreadlocks.
We will give you information about getting rid of loose hair in your regrowth or on your Dreads, but also about maintaining your regrowth, for example.
We will also show you how to get rid of loops and bumps properly.

With all this information you can maintain your Dreadlocks yourself!