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  1. Care kit de luxe
    Care kit de luxe
    819,03 kr Ordinarie pris 889,99 kr
  2. Kit Att sätta i
    Kit Att sätta i
    133,07 kr Ordinarie pris 137,99 kr
  3. Dread Tool Kit
    Dread Tool Kit
    266,67 kr Ordinarie pris 286,99 kr
  4. Installing Kit 2.0
    Installing Kit 2.0
    368,78 kr Ordinarie pris 393,99 kr
  5. Tool Kit 2.0
    Tool Kit 2.0
    358,79 kr Ordinarie pris 378,99 kr

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Buy care products for your Dreadlocks?

Are you looking for the best care products for your Dreadlocks? Then you've come to the right place at We have a wide range of care products. You can order different combination packages from us, also called kits. In these kits you will find all the products you need for the care of your Dreadlocks together and it will also be cheaper than if you ordered everything separately!

Tools for maintaining Dreads has a wide range of Tools that make maintaining your Real Dreads easier. We have various crochet hooks, special combs, a good Dread Tool, but you can also find clips or pointed combs in our range.

We have bundled these tools together in Dreadkits, so that you will immediately receive all the tools with which you can install Dreads or maintain Dreads.

Use synthetic Dreads yourself

What could be better to be able to use your Synthetic Dreads yourself? You can do this when you want and when it fits in your schedule. Choose our course in which we show you step by step how you can use your Synthetic Dreads yourself. To use Synthetic Dreads you need different materials, such as a pointed comb, clips and rubber bands. You can find access to the videos and this installation kit on our website. This way you can get started right away!

Care for your Dreadlocks in luxury

Proper care of your Dreadlocks and your scalp is of great importance when wearing Dreadlocks. That is why we have put together a luxury care package. With this you immediately receive all the products you need for optimal care of your Dreadlocks. Wash your Dreads with a fine shampoo, or take care of your scalp with a good spray, this package contains everything you need.

Make installing and maintaining your Dreads easier!

With over 20 years of experience in Dreadlocks, I would like to help you! Especially for you I have recorded several videos that can help you.
In my course installing Synthetic Dreads I will show you step by step how to use these fake Dreads.
But there are also videos for maintaining your Real Dreads. I'll tell you all about loose hair, loops and bumps.
This way you can wear your Dreadlocks looking amazing!