Genom att använda våra verktyg blir det lättare att göra och sköta dina dreads. Dina dreadlocks kommer att se perfekta ut.

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  1. Dreadshop Sturdy Elastics
    Dreadshop Sturdy Elastics
    Så lågt som 25,99 kr
  2. Dollyocks Nylon Thread Spool
    Dollyocks Nylon Thread Spool
    Så lågt som 181,99 kr
  3. Virknål
    40,99 kr
  4. Crochet Hook 0.75 mm
    Crochet Hook 0.75 mm
    Så lågt som 50,99 kr
  5. Care kit de luxe
    Care kit de luxe
    758,86 kr Ordinarie pris 828,99 kr
  6. Crochet Hook 1.25 mm
    Crochet Hook 1.25 mm
    50,99 kr
  7. Kit Att sätta i
    Kit Att sätta i
    101,13 kr Ordinarie pris 105,99 kr
  8. Spetskam
    20,99 kr
  9. Dollylocks Antimicrobial Silkcomb - Pro 50 Comb
    Dollylocks Antimicrobial Silkcomb - Pro 50 Comb
    131,99 kr
  10. Dread Tool Kit
    Dread Tool Kit
    232,93 kr Ordinarie pris 252,99 kr
  11. Tupékam
    101,99 kr
  12. Installing Kit 2.0
    Installing Kit 2.0
    334,08 kr Ordinarie pris 358,99 kr
  13. Dread Tool
    Dread Tool
    111,99 kr
  14. Tool Kit 2.0
    Tool Kit 2.0
    293,86 kr Ordinarie pris 323,99 kr
  15. Sprättare
    20,99 kr
  16. Mystery Box
    Mystery Box
    Så lågt som 252,99 kr
  17. Quick Beader Tool
    Quick Beader Tool
    40,99 kr
  18. Clips
    151,99 kr
  19. Sprayer
    101,99 kr
  20. Badmössa
    181,99 kr
  21. Nattmössa
    101,99 kr
  22. Storage Bag Locks of Love
    Storage Bag Locks of Love
    151,99 kr
  23. Dolly
    1 011,99 kr

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Find your Dread Tools at Dreadshop

At Dreadshop you are at the right place when it comes to Dread tools. We have various products in our range for both Synthetic Dreads and Real Dreadlocks. Think of a crochet hook for maintaining Real Dreads, good point combs for making the correct division or a perfect comb for installing Real Dreadlocks.

Select the product you need for your Dreads, complete your order and we will start working for you immediately!

Different crochet hooks for Real Dreads

Installing and maintaining Real Dreadlocks is usually done with the crochet hook. In our range you will find different crochet hooks. For example, we have a 0.75 mm crochet hook that is perfect for maintaining your Real Dreads.

Do you want to extend your Dreads with Human Hair or Synthetic Hair? Then choose a 1.25 mm crochet hook.

Are you going to make Real Dreads? Then choose our double or triple crochet hook for a faster result.

Get rid of loose hair in your Dreads

A known problem with many dread wearers is the loose hair. With a good Tightening Gel you can easily "stick" the loose hair to your Dreadlocks.

You can also choose to put these loose hairs into your Dreads with a Dread Tool and then hook them securely with a crochet hook.

No flat and fluffy Dreads

With the use of the right Tools you can prevent your Dreadlocks from becoming flat, very fluffy or growing together.

For example, use a Nightcap when your Dreadlocks have just been installed. This prevents your Dreads from getting very fluffy.

Do you find it difficult to shower without getting your Dreads wet? Then choose a Showercap, which will keep your Dreads completely dry.

Affordable quality

Nowadays we all want everything we paid for to be worth our money and be good quality. We are happy to pay a little extra for better and high quality. At Dreadshop we try to think as much as possible in terms of price and quality, Dreadshop products are of high quality and are extensively tested. Ease of use is carefully considered, but we of course also look at the quality of our materials.