Accent Sets

Especially for you we have created several Accent Sets. You can wear these Accent Sets as Partial Dreads or as an addition to your own Dreadlocks.
To give you more inspiration in color combinations we have composed these different Accent Sets especially for you.
The Accent Sets contain Dreads from high quality and we have decorated them with yarn, beads and/or charms.
Some of our Accent Sets have been composed by well-known Dread wearers like Liza Locs.

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  1. Liza Locs 2.0 50-55cm/20-22"
    Liza Locs 2.0 50-55cm/20-22"
    974,99 kr
  2. Vanilla Cream 33cm/13"
    Vanilla Cream 33cm/13"
    613,99 kr
  3. Grey Wolf 33cm/13"
    Grey Wolf 33cm/13"
    613,99 kr
  4. Ginger Love 33cm/13"
    Ginger Love 33cm/13"
    613,99 kr
  5. Sweet Honey 40cm/16"
    Sweet Honey 40cm/16"
    635,99 kr
  6. Asking Juul 50 cm
    Asking Juul 50 cm
    657,99 kr
  7. Autumn Leaves 40 cm
    Autumn Leaves 40 cm
    635,99 kr
  8. Ocean Breeze 50 cm
    Ocean Breeze 50 cm
    657,99 kr

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