Complete Care + Decoration Set 70-75cm

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Anpassa Complete Care + Decoration Set 70-75cm
1 x RAW ROOTs Aloe Manuka Tightening Gel   + 0,00 kr
1 x Dollylocks Mesh Bag   + 0,00 kr
1 x Cleansing Spray (Spray Shampoo) Lavender Sky   + 0,00 kr
1 x RAW ROOTs Dreadlock Hydrating Oil   + 0,00 kr
1 x RAW ROOTs Deep Cleansing Kit – Dreadlock Detox   + 0,00 kr
1 x Badmössa   + 0,00 kr
1 x Nattmössa   + 0,00 kr
1 x Spetskam   + 0,00 kr
1 x Dread Tool   + 0,00 kr
1 x Roll Up Elastic Black   + 0,00 kr
1 x Virknål   + 0,00 kr
1 x Storage Bag Locks of Love   + 0,00 kr
1 x Clips   + 0,00 kr

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Complete Care + Decoration Set 70-75cm
Complete Care + Decoration Set 70-75cm

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3 403,19 kr


    Are you completely new to Real Dreads? Or do you already have Real Dreads but are you looking for the right care products, then I have this great offer for you!

    With this complete care set including a decoration set you will receive everything you need to care for and decorate your Real Dreads.

    In the years that I have worn Real Dreads myself, I have tested all kinds of products, I have put together all my favorites in this package!

    For the care of your Real Dreads, I will send you various shampoos that you need. Good shampoos for Real Dreads are very important.
    You will receive a Refreshening Spray to provide freshness between washes, and this also takes care of your scalp. Does your scalp need some extra care? Then use the Hydrating oil that you get.

    In addition, you will receive various products that you can use to maintain your Real dreads, such as all Tools, a nice gel and a Tightening Spray.

    With the purchase of this set you will also receive FREE ACCESS to our Mini course for maintaining your Real Dreads!
    In this Mini course we will show you step by step how you can maintain your Real Dreadlocks.

    Protection for your Real Dreads is very important, that's why you will receive a nightcap for sleeping and a shower cap. This prevents your Dreads from getting wet in the shower.

    And of course you will receive some nice accessories to pimp your Dreads such as a super nice Headband XL and beads.

    Do you want to add a little more volume to your own Dreads? Then use the DIY Accent set! This is a bundle with the Renate's Locks of Love, which can be perfectly combined with Real Dreads. If you like it, you can pimp these Dreads or your own Dreads with the supplied beads and yarn.
    Do you want to add a nice Hairwrap to your Dreads? Again, a DIY set is included in the package. You will receive FREE ACCESS to my videos for both products so that you can get creative!

    Are your Dreads at least one year old? Then use the Detox and give your Dreads a deep cleaning.

    In short, with this package you are completely complete and you can give your Dreads and your scalp the care it needs!

    Have you ordered this set? Send your order number to and we will give you access to the 3 courses.
    * the videos are spoken and / or subtitled in English

    * This set can only be returned as a complete package including the accessories. It is not possible to return parts of this set.

    -X- Renate

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