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  1. Hairwrap
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  2. DIY Hairwrap
    DIY Hairwrap
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  3. Accessory package 50-55cm
    Accessory package 50-55cm
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  4. Accessory package 70-75cm
    Accessory package 70-75cm
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Handmade Hairwraps at

Are you looking for a unique Dread accessory? At you will find different, unique Hairwraps. These handmade Hairwraps are all Limited Editions.
You will find different colors of Hairwraps, there is not only a choice of natural shades, but you can also choose from all of the fun colors to match your own Dreadlock extensions.

Hairwraps in different lengths

Our Hairwraps are available in two different lengths. You can choose from a length of 50-55 cm or a length of 70-75 cm. Not everyone wears very long dreads, which is why we have two different sizes of Hairwraps in our range. And these Hairwraps can also be perfectly matched with the Renate's Locks of Love, as they have the same lengths.

Make your own Hairwrap

Are you creative and do you enjoy making your own Hairwrap? That is also possible with our do it yourself Hairwrap package.
When purchasing this kit you will receive all the materials you need to make a Hairwrap. You can choose from different color combinations. With these materials you will also find beads and / or charms, this completes your Hairwrap! When you purchase the make it yourself Hairwrap kit, you will also receive free access to our course in which we show you how to make a Hairwrap yourself.

Every Hairwap is unique

All our Hairwraps are made by hand, which is why every Hairwrap is unique. These Hairwraps are Limited Editions and new colors Hairwraps are regularly added to our range. So you can change Hairwrap regularly!

Pimp your Dreads with Accessories

In addition to our beautiful Hairwraps, you will find even more different accessories that are suitable for Dreadlocks. Take a look at our Dreadlock Headwear and opt for a beautiful headband and a nice warm Dread hat.
Do you want to pimp your Dreads even more with beads? Then choose from our extensive range of dread beads. Here you can find metal beads, wooden beads or leather beads with different hole sizes. You can find beads for both thin and thick Dreads.