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  1. Luxury golden beads Small
    Luxury golden beads Small
    272,99 kr
  2. Luxury golden beads Large
    Luxury golden beads Large
    272,99 kr
  3. Set Boho Flower
    Set Boho Flower
    130,99 kr
  4. DIY Hairwrap
    DIY Hairwrap
    Så lågt som 206,99 kr
  5. DIY Decoration Set
    DIY Decoration Set
    Så lågt som 272,99 kr
  6. Dreadshop Mug
    Dreadshop Mug
    163,99 kr
  7. Set Boho Leaf
    Set Boho Leaf
    130,99 kr
  8. Dreadshop VIP Club
    Dreadshop VIP Club
    370,99 kr
  9. Dreadshop Sturdy Elastics
    Dreadshop Sturdy Elastics
    Så lågt som 32,99 kr
  10. Mixed Bronze
    Mixed Bronze
    217,99 kr
  11. Hairwrap
    Så lågt som 212,99 kr
  12. Mix Setet
    Mix Setet
    217,99 kr
  13. Hårsjal XL
    Hårsjal XL
    Så lågt som 76,99 kr
  14. Storage Bag Locks of Love
    Storage Bag Locks of Love
    163,99 kr
  15. SpiraLock
    Så lågt som 195,99 kr
  16. Roll Up Gummiband
    Roll Up Gummiband
    Så lågt som 21,99 kr
  17. Dreadtube
    Så lågt som 141,99 kr
  18.  Leather beads
    Leather beads
    Så lågt som 326,99 kr
  19. Dreadshop Linen Bag
    Dreadshop Linen Bag
    76,99 kr
  20. Leather beads
    Leather beads
    Så lågt som 326,99 kr
  21. Shells Set
    Shells Set
    163,99 kr
  22. Setet Boho Feather
    Setet Boho Feather
    130,99 kr
  23. Large Wooden Beads
    Large Wooden Beads
    Så lågt som 163,99 kr
  24. Wooden Beads
    Wooden Beads
    Så lågt som 141,99 kr
  25. Thin Wooden Beads
    Thin Wooden Beads
    Så lågt som 108,99 kr
  26. Small Wooden Beads
    Small Wooden Beads
    Så lågt som 163,99 kr
  27. Liten Organza Pärlväska
    Liten Organza Pärlväska
    Så lågt som 16,99 kr

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Accessories for your Dreadlocks

In our range you will find an extensive range of accessories. Create your perfect look with one of these products. Whether you are looking for a nice warm , beautiful beads for your Dreads or a nice hair band, with a wide choice of accessories you are guaranteed to succeed at
Ordering accessories for your Dreads online is not only fun, but also very easy!

High quality accessories

What could be more fun than choosing accessories for your Dreads? In our range you will find a lot of products of high quality, which we find extremely important. All beads in our range, for example, comply with European and American environmental and safety standards.
A number of our accessories are made by hand, such as the  hairwraps and a number of beads.

Basic Dread accessories

With over 20 years of experience, I know very well what is fun to wear when you have Dreads. For example, it is very nice to wear a  headband in the summer. This is not only fun, but also functional. By wearing a headband you protect your scalp against the sun.
In winter when it’s cold, a Dread hat is very nice and above all very warm! We have these in larger sizes than the normal hats so that you can also put your Dreads in the hat if you want.

Pimp your Dreads with beads

Of course it is great fun to pimp your Dreadlocks with beads! In our range you will find many different types of beads. You can opt for metal beads, wooden beads or leather beads. We offer different beads with different hole sizes, so there is a bead available for every thickness of Dreadlocks!
You can easily slide the beads around your Dreads.

Good elastics for your Dreadlocks

Good elastics are very important for your Dreads. For example, we have good sturdy rubber bands that you can use when using your Synthetic Dreads.
Do you want to make a nice Dread Bun? Or a good start? Then choose a roll-up elastic, they really stay in place!
And of course the Spiralock could not be forgotten! That is the must have for every Dread wearer.
A Spiralock is a bendable Band with which you can always create the desired tightness with a tail, bun or other updo.