How to attach a Dreadfall

A dreadfall is a tail of dreads. These dreads are attached to an elastic. You can easily put this elastic in your own hair. This gives you an easy way to have dreads in your hair! They’re perfect for a day or a night out.

 You can order a pre-made Dreadfall from Dreadshop. We’ll gladly custom-make one for you. You can also make your own dreadfall and purchase the necessary products to go with it from us. We’ve written an instructional guide for this

 Below we describe how you can attach your Dreadfall to your own hair in nine simple steps.

Putting in a dreadfall 1


1. Put your hair in a ponytail/bun (or two tails if you want to put two dreadfalls in your hair). Use a thick elastic, as these proved good grip for your Dreadfall. Tip: use an elastic that is the same color as your Dreadfall. We’ve chosen to use a bright color for this guide so it can clearly be seen in the images.



putting in a dreadfall 2



2. Put your Dreadfall UNDER your ponytail and put the elastic around OVER your ponytail. If you do this the other way around, the dreads won’t fall over your ponytail with the optimum result.



putting in a dreadfall 3putting in a cyberfall 3b



3.Cross the elastic of the Dreadfall on the top of the tail.




putting in a dreadfall 4



4. Tie the elastic from the top back around the ponytail.



putting in a dreadfall 5putting in a dreadfall 5b



5. Tie the elastic over your ponytail in the same way at least two more times so it’s firmly in place.



putting in a dreadfall 6



6. Your Dreadfall is now firmly attached to your ponytail.



putting in a dreadfall 7




7. Now take the dreads from front to back.




putting in a dreadfall 8putting in a dreadfall 8b



8. This will allow your dreads to optimally fall over your ponytail.



putting in a dreadfall 9



9. Put on a hairband over the part of your hair that’s still visible. This will complete your ‘look’!