Conditioning Oil Sampler 6 pack

The Conditioning Oil from Dollylocks will give your Dreads and scalp optimal care!

The Conditioning Oil is very nice to use when you suffer from a dry or irritated scalp. Itch is in the past! The Conditioning Oil has a antibacterial effect.

The Conditioning Oil can be used when have Real Dreads of your own hair, but also when you use Synthetic Dreads.
The Conditioning Oil from Dollylocks contains natural ingredients and contains a unique mix of plant extracts and essential oils. This mix is closest to your own natural oil production (sebum).

Order this packet with Samplers and receive all the Dollylocks Conditioning Oil scents. You can try each scent and discover which scent is your favourite this way.
The Conditioning Oil  is also available in a bigger size.

Of course these samplers are also super handy to take with you when you’re traveling!

Content per bottle: 29 ml / 1 FL OZ

Scents: Nag Champa, Vanilla Twist, Coconut Lime, Fresh, Patchouli Fields, Unscented

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