Making box braids

How do I make Box Braids with Synthetic Hair?

Box Braids, or Braids with synthetic hair is a super fun look that you can create yourself!
You can create different styles; really long braids, or shorter ones, Thick, Thin, different colors, one colour, everything is possible!

What do I need to make Box Braids?

Let’s start at the beginning; what do you need?

  • Synthetic Hair, 6 packs is enough for a full head of Box Braids. Do you have thick or a lot of hair? Use an extra pack. If you have thin hair or a sidecut, 5 packs will be enough. In the category Box Braid Sets you will find full sets of hair!
  • Pin Tail Comb, ideal to section your hair.
  • Cream to make sure the ends of your hair will stay in the braid nice and neat. You can ‘stick’ your hair to the synthetic hair with the cream.
  • Sturdy Elastics if you want to finish the braids with elastics.

When you want to get all of these products, check the Installing Kit to save money!

Determine the length of the Braids

Before you begin braiding you determine the length of the braids. Do you want them as long as possible? Don’t cut anything off the hair and proceed to the next step. Do you want the braids shorter than the standard length of the synthetic hair? Cut the hair to the length you want before you begin. Keep in mind that when you shuffle the hair in the next step, the hair will get a little longer.
You can also cut or burn the ends when the braids are done. This depends on the look you want. We will come back to this later.

Shuffling the Synthetic Hair

This step is only necessary when you want to mix colors and/or you want tapered ends on the Box Braids.
To shuffle the hair you take the hair and divide it in 2 tufts. Now put the 2 tufts back together in the middle, offset it to the front. This will cause some difference in length. The tips of the hair you’re holding will become a little thinner.
Repeat this a couple of times and make sure you switch laying the hair to the front and to the back.
With the shuffling method you can also mix different colors of hair, this gives a fun effect!

Determine the thickness of the braids

The hair is now ready to be braided in! The next step is the dividing. Assuming you use 6 packs you can divide the pack into equal tufts of hair. Keep dividing the hair in half until you reach the thickness you want.
As indication; if you use 10 braids per pack, this will approximately be the thickness of the Box Braids:

box braids else

With the girl on the picture below we used about 16 braids from one pack of hair.

box braids milou

The thinner the tufts of hair, the more braids and the more work naturally!

Sectioning on the head

After you’ve made the tufts of hair and you have determined the number of braids you can start braiding! When you are experienced in sectioning the hair, you can probably estimate how big you should make the sections. 

If you don’t have experience with this you can read this Blog.

Suggestion: If you don’t have experience with this; Start with the sectioning! Use rubber elastics to divide the tufts of hair. If you have too much or too little sections, just start over (partly) until you have the right amount of sections. This way you’ll know for sure you get the right sectioning, and you don’t risk having too little hair or hair left at the end.

Braiding the synthetic hair into Box Braids

There are different methods to braid in Box Braids. We’ll show you the method we use in this video.

Finishing your Box Braids

There are several methods to finish you Box Braids. These methods we describe on this info page.

Good luck making your Box Braids! We’d love to see your look! Share it with us on Social Media or email it to

Here you can find more (Box) Braid inspiration video’s.