Full Head - Split

With this Split Hair set you receive two different colors of Loc Extensions. It is the new trend in the Dreadlocks Hairstyle! Choose one of our Dreadsets consisting of Dreadlock extensions which are immediately ready for use. You will receive two bundles of Double Ended Dreads and two bundles of Single Ended Dreads. Which is enough for a full head of Dreads.

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  1. Split Midnight Rusty Pink 28inch/70cm
    Split Midnight Rusty Pink 28inch/70cm
    €359.99 Regular Price €379.94
  2. Split Midnight Red Maple 28inch/70cm
    Split Midnight Red Maple 28inch/70cm
    €359.99 Regular Price €379.94
  3. Split Midnight Grandma Grey 28inch/70cm
    Split Midnight Grandma Grey 28inch/70cm
    €359.99 Regular Price €379.94
  4. Split Midnight Maroon 28inch/70cm
    Split Midnight Maroon 28inch/70cm
    €359.99 Regular Price €379.94

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You can order Dreadlock Extensions online at Dreadshop.com

On the website of Dreadshop.com you will find a wide range of Synthetic Dreadlock extensions. With the click of a button you can order your favorite colors.
In the range you will find various composite Dreadsets. Hopefully that makes choosing from the different colors a lot easier!
All our Dreadsets contain high-quality Loc Extensions and will last for years! An investment for the long term!

Split Hair, the new trend in Dreadlock Hairstyle

For a while we have added several Split Hair Dreadsets to the range. What started as an idea has turned into a new trend. We see the split Hairstyle coming back more and more!
We try to expand our Dreadsets as much as possible and add new combinations.
Do you also have a Split Hairstyle? Be sure to tag us in your photos!

Can you wash Synthetic Dreads?

Whether you can wash Synthetic Dreads is one of the most frequently asked questions. Logical of course, because you want your scalp and Dreads to stay fresh!
Taking care of your Synthetic Dreadlocks is actually very easy and that's what makes wearing Synthetic Dreads so addictive! A good Spray Shampoo or Cleansing Spray is a product you need when wearing Synthetic Dreads. Don't want to get your dreads wet too often? Then opt for a shower cap, which is nice and spacious, so all your dreads will fit in it!
Are you still completely new to the world of Synthetic Dreads? Then choose our care kit and you will immediately receive all the products you need for the optimal care of Synthetic Dreads. This Dreadset is perfect when you start with Dreads.

Order an XXL Shower Cap / Bathing Cap in our webshop!

No more wet Dreadlocks when you take a shower! You no longer have to stand crooked or uncomfortable in the shower to keep your Dreads dry. With this Shower Cap you keep your Dreads drier than dry!
The Shower Cap has an XXL size with an adjustable cord so that you can tailor the Shower Cap perfectly. You can use this Shower Cap for short Dreads, but also for very long and full Dreads.
The Shower Cap contains a double layer of materials of the best quality, so you can be sure that your Dreadlocks stay dry.

Order your Dreadlock accessories directly

In the range you will find various Dreadlock accessories. From a headband to a SpiraLock or various beads.
Decorate your Dreadlocks with different Dread beads or opt for a nice headband!
The beads in our range contain different materials and different sizes, so there is a bead for every Dread type from which you can choose.
Do you want to give your Dreads even more appearance? Then choose a nice Hairwrap! The Hairwrap is a nice accessory for your Dreadlocks!