Create your own

Decorate your own Synthetic Dreads with the DIY Accent Sets. You will receive a bundle of several Loc Extensions with decoration in the color of your choice. With the help of our videos you can get creative and decorate your Synthetic Dreads yourself.

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  1. DIY Accent Set 20inch/50cm
    DIY Accent Set 20inch/50cm
    €99.99 Regular Price €104.98
  2. DIY Accent Set 28inch/70cm
    DIY Accent Set 28inch/70cm
    €104.99 Regular Price €109.98
  3. DIY Decoration Set
    DIY Decoration Set
    As low as €24.99
  4. DIY Hairwrap
    DIY Hairwrap
    As low as €18.99

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Mix & Match your favorite colors of Dreadlocks

In addition to our selected Dreadsets, we now also have Dreadsets in the range that you can put together yourself! Mix & match your favorite colors and create a unique Dreadset.
You will receive enough Dreadlocks for a full head with Synthetic Dreads. A complete set consists of 2 bundles of Double Ended Dreads and 2 bundles of Single Ended Dreads.

Our Dreadlocks are of high quality and will last for years! An investment for a long term!

Get creative with Dreadlocks

Are you creative and do you want to decorate your Dreadlocks yourself? You can! In our range you will find, for example, decoration sets, with which you can decorate your Dreads. You can of course also choose to make your own Accent Set. Choose from one of  the beautiful Renate's Locks of Love colors and choose your favorite decoration set. When you order this you will receive free access to our course in which we show you how to decorate your Dreads yourself.

Dreadlock extensions, we have the look you are looking for!

When you choose Synthetic Dreads you can choose from different colors. You can choose a natural look, if you want that choose a color that is close to your own hair color. Keep in mind that your own hair also consists of several colors, so a combination of different colors gives a beautiful, natural effect.
It is also nice to choose something completely different than your own hair color!
If you have any questions about the color, please contact our customer service. Do not forget to send us some photos of your own hair color, we will be happy to help you with good advice!

How can you install your dreads yourself?

On Youtube you can find many tutorial videos with techniques on how to use Dreads. But how exactly do you make the division? And which Dreadlock do you place where? In my mini course I will guide you step by step how you can install the Dreadlocks by yourself.

Washing your Dreads, all care for Dreadlocks can be found at

It is nice to wash your Dreads every now and also while you are wearing your Dreads. For Synthetic Dreads we recommend to do this no more than once a week. Use our Spray Shampoo for this. This is easy to use and also easy to rinse. This prevents shampoo residue from remaining in your hair, which can give you a quick chance of irritation, which is of course not what you want.
Do you want all the care products you need for the care of your Synthetic Dreads right away? Then choose the Care kit de luxe.