DreadMaker Kit Henlon

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DreadMaker Kit Henlon
DreadMaker Kit Henlon

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    Make crochet Dreads with Henlon Hair

    Do you want to make Dreadlocks yourself? Order this Dreadmaker kit now and get started right away!

    You will receive 6 bundles of Synthetic Hair in this Dreadmaker kit. Our Synthetic Hair does not contain a chemical coating, which we find extremely important.

    Our experience is that this chemical coating can irritate your scalp. Don't let that be what you want when you're going to braid with this kind of hair!

    6 bundles of Synthetic hair is sufficient for a head full of Dreads, assuming a normal hair thickness.

    For that reason, we have developed Synthetic Hair without chemical coating in close consultation with our producer and have tested it extensively.

    In this Dreadmaker Kit you also receive a comb and a crochet hook with which you can make the perfect Dreadlocks.

    Good luck! It would be fun if  you shared your creation with us on Social Media!

    * This kit can only be returned in its entirety. It is not possible to return it partially.

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