A new set of Synthetic Dreads should be installed with good elastics that will not snap during installing and wearing of your Loc Extensions. Our elastics and thread have been extensively tested and are of high quality. We are therefore extremely proud to use these products in our salon.

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  1. Dreadshop Sturdy Elastics
    Dreadshop Sturdy Elastics
    As low as €2.99
  2. Dollyocks Nylon Thread Spool
    Dollyocks Nylon Thread Spool
    As low as €19.99

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High-quality elastic Bands and Yarn

A new set of Synthetic Dreads cannot be used without good rubber bands or good yarn of perfect quality. Choose your own color of elastic bands or yarn that match your own hair color or your Loc Extensions. Do you want the elastic bands to be hidden? Then choose the transparent color rubber bands.

The elastic bands and yarn have been extensively tested and are of high quality. We are therefore very happy to use these products in our salon.

Elastic bands that don't snap

There are many types of rubber bands that you can use to attach your Dreadlocks. Not all types of rubber bands are suitable for this. Many rubber bands snap over time or dry out from heat or sunlight.

Dreadshop has been working with sturdy rubber bands for years. These are available in different colors. The elastics bands are of high quality and do not break or snap. This way you can enjoy wearing your Dreads for a long time!

Nylon yarn for your Dreadlocks

The Nylon Yarn from Dollylocks has been especially developed for installing and maintaining Real Dreads, but also for securing Synthetic Dreads.
The Nylon Yarn is thinner, but stronger and more elastic than regular sewing thread. The Nylon Yarn is of perfect quality and it will last for months in your Dreadlocks.
The Nylon Yarn is made of sustainable material. A color has been developed for every hair color, which is why many different colors are available.

Elastic bands for wholesalers or dread stylists

The demand for our sturdy rubber bands is enormous. This made us decide to sell the elastic bands in different numbers. Are you a wholesaler or do you often use fake Dreads yourself? Then choose more elastic bands, then you are ultimately much cheaper!

You can buy elastic bands or yarn online at dreadshop.com

With the click of one button you order your favorite product at Dreadshop.com.
Dreadshop offers an extensive collection of yarn and rubber bands where you will always succeed for high-quality products.
Dreadshop ships on all working days so that you receive your order as soon as possible!
Not happy with the color? You can return your order within 30 days.