Can I reuse my Synthetic Dreads?

Did you enjoy wearing your dreads? Are you not ready to take them out? Or do you want to (let someone) reinstall them? You can find he answer to the question if dreads are reusable in this blog!

Are Synthetic Dreads reusable?

All of the Synthetic Dreads in our assortment are reusable! Super fun to wear your dreads again! And if you have other sets at home you can make fun new combinations!

Do I need to treat my Synthetic Dreads before I use them again?

It’s good to give your dreads a wash before you (let someone) reinstall them. Especially if they haven’t been used for awhile they can smell a bit stale. How you can do that, you can read here.

I’m not sure my Synthetic Dreads look good enough to wear

If you notice your dreads are a bit loose or frizzy, you can choose to tighten your dreads. In the video below we show different ways to do this.

Of course you can decide to replace dreads that don’t look great for dreads in a different color. And you’ll create a different look by doing this! 

Can you fix my dreads?

It’s also possible to send your dreads to us. We can steam them for your. When the dreads are ready we’ll send them back to you. Contact us for the cost and how to proceed.

Make a Dreadfall with your Synthetic Dreads

Another fun idea is to reuse your dreads by making a Dreadfall with them.
More information and explanation you can find in this Blog.