Do you want to decorate your Dreads? Choose for metal or wooden beads from our assortment. We offer different beads with different hole sizes, so for every thickness of Dreadlocks there is a suitable bead! You can easily slide the beads around your Dreads. We vary our assortment by adding new bead sets regularly.
Take a look at our accessories, there you will find more fun products to give your Dreads a fun look!

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  1. Mixed Bronze
    Mixed Bronze
  2. Pimp Kit
    Pimp Kit
    As low as €14.99
  3. Set Bohemian
    Set Bohemian
  4. Mixed Set
    Mixed Set
  5. Set Tube Block
    Set Tube Block
  6. Set Tube Butterfly
    Set Tube Butterfly
  7. Set Tube Happy
    Set Tube Happy
  8. Set Plain Small
    Set Plain Small
    As low as €5.49
  9. Set Plain Middle
    Set Plain Middle
    As low as €5.99
  10. Set Rasta Middle
    Set Rasta Middle
    As low as €4.99
  11. Set Rasta Large
    Set Rasta Large
    As low as €5.49
  12. Set Tube Middle
    Set Tube Middle
    As low as €6.99

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