Hi, we are the Dreadshop team!

In 2004 Renate Meijnders founded dreadwinkel.nl, the predecessor of what would later become Dreadshop. Renate has long been looking for beautiful, affordable Synthetic Dreadlocks that could not be found online. And this is how the Dreadshop webshop was created next to her salon.

This idea turned out to be a great success, because after many years of  entrepreneurship Dreadshop is a worldwide webshop and European market leader.

What are we doing?

In addition to our online webshop, we have a beautiful Salon where we help customers from home and abroad to a beautiful head of Synthetic Dreads or Real Dreadlocks, possibly extended with human hair.

The dreadshop.com webshop is a worldwide webshop where you can order different products such as Synthetic Dreads, Dreadlock Shampoo, Dread accessories and Synthetic Hair. We work in our webshop with well-known brands such as RAW ROOTs, Dollylocks and Spiralocks. We have been a European Distributor of Dollylocks and SpiraLocks since 2020.

We also offer an online course in which we guide you to a Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist. In our online modules you will learn all the tricks of the trade, such as making quality Dreadlocks, using these Dreadlocks with different techniques. After completing this course, you can immediately start your own business in Synthetic Dreadlocks.

High quality is extremely important

At dreadshop.com you will find an extensive range of products of high quality. Dreadshop stands for quality and high perfection. All our products are therefore extensively tested before it can be ordered online.

You will find an extensive range with different brands, products and prices and therefore you can choose the offer that suits you best.

Dreadshop contributes to a better environment! 

Contributing to a better environment is extremely important to us. For that reason, we are shipping more and more products without plastic packaging.

For example, you will receive the Renate's Locks of Love without plastic packaging, but the Henlon hair, the SpiraLocks and the Kanekalon hair are also sent without plastic.
We have now exchanged a lot of plastic packaging for recycled paper packaging.

When we package your order and it needs to be filled up, we use material that was previously sent to us, which can also be plastic, but also other reusable padding or shredded waste paper.

We prefer to ship the many orders that we ship in compostable bags or boxes made of recycled paper.
In the future we want to ship all our products as environmentally friendly as possible. We develop and improve in this step by step!

-X- Renate and team Dreadshop

The Dreadshop team


My name is Renate and I am the owner of Dreadshop. After wearing synthetic Dreads several times myself, I wanted to develop my own Dreads. I started Dreadshop with these dreads in 2004, with which I quickly entered the international market.
I have been able to turn my hobby into my work and I am grateful for that every day.
Every now and then I still work in the salon to install Synthetic Dreads or Real Dreads, but I am mainly involved with all developments for Dreadshop.
Dreadshop is my passion and I like to share this passion with you!


My name is Danielle and I am Renate's sister. I started installing Synthetic Dreads and I have been working at Dreadshop for a long time. Through this years of experience I know all the tricks of the trade. From customer service to marketing, from installing synthetic dreads to writing texts. The variety and challenge makes my work very special!
After all these years working in our salon I have built up a large circle of regular customers and I find that very special and I am very grateful for that.



My name is Diane and I am also one of the faces of Dreadshop. I am a creative person and I love working with my hands. I really like installing Synthetic Dreads and now I have also specialized in making and maintaning Real Dreads, which I can also extend with Human Hair.
I have worn Synthetic Dreads for a long time and in 2020 I had my Real Dreads set created with Human Hair extensions.
I work a lot in the salon, but I also really enjoy developing new Accent Sets, for example.




My name is Edyta and I work behind the scenes of Dreadshop, where I largely manage the warehouse. I pack all orders four days a week. When new products arrive, I process them in the warehouse as soon as possible so that we can sell the products. I also really enjoy making Accent Sets or Hairwraps.
I am a real doer and I love being busy with all products and orders.




I am Emilie and you can see me in many photos on the website. I started as a model for Dreadshop and I still love to do that.
I completed my final internship of my photography training at Dreadshop. It was a super fun and educational period! And now I am the regular photographer of Dreadshop. I like to take product photos and photos of models.
I am also very active on Dreadshop's Instagram page.



My name is Danique and I work next to my study at Dreadshop. I like packing orders, making Accent Sets and Hairwraps. In addition, I also help clients in the salon, I like to maintain Real Dreads with the crochet hook method. I always like to maintain Real Dreads because you can see the difference between before and after updating.




My name is Lobke and I also work more behind the scenes at Dreadshop. I combine my study with working at Dreadshop. I work a lot in the warehouse and I am involved in packing orders, making Accent Sets and Hairwraps. I especially like the variety in my work, but I like the creative area the most.




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Additional details

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VAT nr. NL863371759B01

Business clients/ wholesale

Are you interested in selling our products? Then please contact us at the following address: orders@dreadshop.com