Dread Locking

For strengthening your Dreadlocks we have different Locking products in our assortment. With these products, based on natural ingredients, loose hairs won’t stand a chance anymore! Choose a spray, gel, a locking powder or a pomade. Every product gives a different effect, we would love to help you make your choice.
Keep your Dreads beautiful with one of our Locking products!

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  1. Dollylocks Tightening Spray
    Dollylocks Tightening Spray
    As low as £18.99
  2. Dollylocks Tightening Gel
    Dollylocks Tightening Gel
    As low as £30.99
  3. Dollylocks “Dry shampoo” Locking Powder
    Dollylocks “Dry shampoo” Locking Powder
    As low as £22.99
  4. Dollylocks Bee-Free Coconut Pomade
    Dollylocks Bee-Free Coconut Pomade
    As low as £18.99

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