Whether you wear Synthetic Dreads or have Dreads made from your own hair, Dreadlocks need care. In the Dreadshop assortment you will find various Dreadlock care products such as different types of shampoos, care sprays, detox products and much more.

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  1. Flyer Real Dread Care
    Flyer Real Dread Care
  2. Care Kit Synthetics
    Care Kit Synthetics
    £42.24 Regular Price £43.99
  3. Raw Roots Tightening Spray
    Raw Roots Tightening Spray
    As low as £19.99
  4. Inflatable Shampoo Basin
    Inflatable Shampoo Basin
  5. Dreadshop Spray Shampoo
    Dreadshop Spray Shampoo
    As low as £18.99
  6. Dollylocks Cleansing Spray (Spray Shampoo)
    Dollylocks Cleansing Spray (Spray Shampoo)
    As low as £21.99
  7. Dollylocks Nylon Thread Spool
    Dollylocks Nylon Thread Spool
    As low as £17.99
  8. Dollylocks Tightening Spray
    Dollylocks Tightening Spray
    As low as £21.99
  9. Dollylocks Shampoo Bar
    Dollylocks Shampoo Bar
    As low as £24.99
  10. Dollylocks Refreshening Spray
    Dollylocks Refreshening Spray
    As low as £21.99
  11. RAW ROOTs Soap Bar
    RAW ROOTs Soap Bar
    As low as £19.99
  12. Dollylocks Dreadlock Detox Kit
    Dollylocks Dreadlock Detox Kit
    As low as £21.99
  13. Dollylocks Conditioning Oil
    Dollylocks Conditioning Oil
    As low as £23.99
  14. Dollylocks Mesh Bag
    Dollylocks Mesh Bag
  15. Dollylocks Dreadlock Shampoo
    Dollylocks Dreadlock Shampoo
    As low as £26.99
  16. RAW ROOTs Herbal Cleanser Dreadlock Shampoo
    RAW ROOTs Herbal Cleanser Dreadlock Shampoo
    As low as £17.99
  17. RAW ROOTs Hydrating Dreadlock Shampoo
    RAW ROOTs Hydrating Dreadlock Shampoo
    As low as £17.99
  18. Dollylocks “Dry shampoo” Locking Powder
    Dollylocks “Dry shampoo” Locking Powder
    As low as £24.99
  19. Care kit de luxe
    Care kit de luxe
    £85.61 Regular Price £89.99

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Buy your Dreadlock care at Dreadshop.com

Buying care products for Dreadlocks online is the best thing there is! And at dreadshop.com you've come to the right place!

We sell various care products from different brands such as DollyLocks and Raw Roots. Dreadshop offers an extensive collection of care products where you will always find good quality products.

Dreadshop ships on all working days so that you receive your order as soon as possible!

Care products for both young Dreads and adult Dreads

Because we have a wide range of care products, there is plenty of choice for your Dreadlocks. Our products have been carefully chosen. For example, we have the right products that you can use when your Dreadlocks have just been set, such as a good shampoo bar and Tightening Gel.

Have you had your Dreads for more than a year? Then give your Dreadlocks a deep cleaning with a Detox kit.

You can visit our webshop for any type of Dreadlocks.

Dreadlock care in different scents

In our range you will find various care products such as Liquid shampoo, conditioning oils, Tightening sprays and Conditioning sprays. Many of these products contain different scents. Choose your favorite scent to care for your Dreadlocks. Are you going on vacation? Sampler products are available from DollyLocks, which are easy to take with you!

We have crochet hooks for Dreadlocks!

Our range of crochet hooks is extensive, you can find different sizes of crochet hooks, but also crochet hooks with multiple hooks on them.

With the use of one of these crochet hooks you make setting and updating Real Dreads much easier! By using the crochet hook you can tangle the hair inside your Dreads. This makes your Dreadlocks much firmer.

In addition to crochet hooks, we also have a Dread tool, which is specially designed for getting rid of loose bits of hair on your Dreadlocks.

Give your Dreadlocks a deep clean

Over time, dirt, impurities and product residues will build up inside your Dreadlocks. Choose from one of our Detox packages and give your Dreads a deep cleaning. The Detox packages are based on natural products which is perfect for your Dreadlocks. Dreads happy, you happy, dreads fresh, you fresh!