Full Head

Looking for the perfect look with the perfect Synthetic Dreads? Then choose one of these Dreadsets! You will receive two bundles of Double Ended Dreads and two bundles of Single Ended Dreads. Which is enough for a full head of Dreads. These Synthetic Loc Extensions are easy to install and take out. Due to the high quality of these Synthetic Dreads, the Dreads can last for years.

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  1. Oaky 28inch/70cm
    Oaky 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  2. CYO Complete Dreadset 20inch/50cm
    CYO Complete Dreadset 20inch/50cm
    £421.97 Regular Price £438.99
  3. CYO Complete Dreadset 28inch/70cm
    CYO Complete Dreadset 28inch/70cm
    £438.99 Regular Price £455.99
  4. Dark Blonde 28inch/70cm
    Dark Blonde 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  5. Hidden Rusty 28inch/70cm
    Hidden Rusty 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  6. Minty 28inch/70cm
    Minty 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  7. Mossy 28inch/70cm
    Mossy 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  8. Ash Blonde 20inch/50cm
    Ash Blonde 20inch/50cm
    £298.48 Regular Price £315.99
  9. Ash Blonde 28inch/70cm
    Ash Blonde 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  10. Sand Storm 20inch/50cm
    Sand Storm 20inch/50cm
    £298.48 Regular Price £315.99
  11. Sand Storm 28inch/70cm
    Sand Storm 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  12. Caramel Twist 28inch/70cm
    Caramel Twist 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  13. Grandma Grey 28inch/70cm
    Grandma Grey 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  14. Go Ginger 28inch/70cm
    Go Ginger 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  15. Em it's Em 2.0 28inch/70cm
    Em it's Em 2.0 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  16. Lavender Burst 28inch/70cm
    Lavender Burst 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  17. Dark Chocolate 28inch/70cm
    Dark Chocolate 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  18. Chocolate Swirl 20inch/50cm
    Chocolate Swirl 20inch/50cm
    £298.48 Regular Price £315.99
  19. Natural Ocean 28inch/70cm
    Natural Ocean 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  20. Wild Ocean 20inch/50cm
    Wild Ocean 20inch/50cm
    £298.48 Regular Price £315.99
  21. Wild Ocean 28inch/70cm
    Wild Ocean 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  22. Bittersweet Chocolate 28inch/70cm
    Bittersweet Chocolate 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  23. Midnight 28inch/70cm
    Midnight 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  24. Red Maple 28inch/70cm
    Red Maple 28inch/70cm
    £316.45 Regular Price £333.99
  25. Double Dreadset 20inch/50cm
    Double Dreadset 20inch/50cm
    £561.93 Regular Price £596.99
  26. Double Dreadset 2 lengths
    Double Dreadset 2 lengths
    £579.91 Regular Price £614.99
  27. Double Dreadset 28inch/70cm
    Double Dreadset 28inch/70cm
    £596.94 Regular Price £631.99

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Choose one of our complete Dreadsets!

For a complete look with Dreads you have come to the right place at Dreadshop!

To give you a little more inspiration and to make the color choice easier, we have put together various, complete Dreadsets for you. With a simple click on the mouse you can quickly and efficiently order a new Dreadset including various Dreadlock accessories.

All our Dreadsets contain high quality Loc Extensions and will last for years! An investment for a long term!

You can choose different colored Locs

To give you as much inspiration as possible, we have put together many different Dreadsets in different colors. The highlight are the long Dreadlocks in the bum length of 70-75 cm!

Because we have a wide range of Synthetic Dreads, there is plenty of choice in Dreads for men and women. Our range of Dreadsets has been chosen carefully. You can opt for a very natural look, but you can also order Dreadsets with more color.

Beautiful and strong products of high quality are used for our Dread extensions. For the Synthetic Dreads we use Synthetic Hair without chemical coating. We also ship our products without plastic as much as possible.

Dreadlock Extensions, we have the look you are looking for!

A big challenge when purchasing new Dreadlocks is always the color of the Dreadlock. Always keep in mind that your own hair color also consists of several colors. Look at the color of the outgrowth of your hair and match a Dreadlock color. The Renate's Locks of Love are unique colors, because these colors are a mix of different color tones.

If you have any questions about the color, please contact our customer service. Don't forget to send us some photos of your own hair color, we are happy to help you with good advice!

Complete your Dreadset with super cool accessories!

Do you order one of our complete Dreadsets? Then you will also receive suitable accessories! Do you want to expand your new look a bit more? Then choose one of our super cool accessories which have been especially developed for Dreadlocks.

For example, choose a SpiraLock, with this you can make the perfect Dreadlock hairstyle! Or pimp your Dreads with Dread beads! In our range you will find different types and sizes of  Dread beads.

Winter or summer? Choose one of our awesome Dread hats or hair bands!

Take care of your new Dreads with our products

Taking care of your Synthetic Dreads is actually very simple and that makes wearing Synthetic Dreads so addictive! A good  Cleansing Spray from Dollylocks is a product that you need when wearing Dreads. Don't want to wet your Dreads too often? Then choose a shower cap, nice and large, so all your dreads will fit!

Are you completely new to the world of Synthetic Dreadlocks? Then choose our care kit and you will immediately receive all the products you need for the optimal care of Synthetic Dreads.