Use your “old” Synthetic Dreads in a Dreadfall!

Do you have dreads lying around that you probably won’t wear again? But you don’t want to throw them away? In this blog you can read how you can give these dreadlocks a new purpose!

When you’ve been wearing dreads for some time, you’ve probably replaced some dreads now and then for another color or a new type of dread. The replaced dreads will disappear in a Storage Box somewhere, because you don’t want to throw them away.
Now it’s time to look up those dreads and get creative! All types of dreads are suitable for making a dreadfall. In this Blog we will explain how to make a dreadfall with Double Ended Dreads.

Create a Dreadfall from your “old” dreadlocks

A fun idea is to reuse your old dreads in a dreadfall. You can wear this dreadfall for a night out or when you want to wear dreads for a day without having to braid them in.

What do you need:

How do I make a Dreadfall from my Synthetic Dreads?

  1. First you take a dread
  2. Flip it over the elastic at the attachment point
  3. Secure the dread with a small elastic band

The dreadlock is now tied to the double elastic with a loop. Keep tying dreadlocks next to each other until you feel the dreadfall has enough volume.

Take a look at the video to see how you can make a Dreadfall from your dreadlocks and how to attach it to you hair!