Everything you need to know about dyeing your hair and/or Synthetic Dreads

Touching up roots when you have Synthetic Dreads in your hair

Synthetic DreadlocksIf you’re used to touching up the roots of your hair every four weeks or so, it can be frustrating if you can’t because of your dreads. That’s why we want to give you some tips that will help you do this!
Be sure to touch up your roots just before you put in your dreadlocks. 

When your hair gets longer and you want to touch up the roots around your dreads, we recommend doing this as follows:

  • Use a tinting brush to apply the dye to your roots. This will help distribute the dye evenly.
  • It’s okay if the dye accidently gets on your dreads. The dreadlocks are made of synthetic hair so they don’t absorb the dye and your dreads will only color very slightly if at all!
  • Leave the dye in your hair for indicated length of time. 
  • THOROUGHLY rinse the dye from your hair (and dreadlocks). Use a special shampoo for dreads to do this. Excess dye that remains near the roots of the dreadlocks after washing can cause irritation.

The drawback of dyeing, and especially rinsing out the dye, is that your own hair can become frizzier near the roots of the dreads. This does not happen to the dreadlocks themselves. To help counteract the frizz, you can use a  Care Spray (on both your own hair as well as on the dreadlocks) and press your hair down flat.

Dyeing Synthetic Dreads

Dreadshop is often asked if synthetic dreadlocks can be dyed. The answer is “NO”. Hair dye does not work on synthetic hair. When rinsing the dye out of the dreads you’re actually cleaning the dreadlocks and you’ll find that the dye was not absorbed into the synthetic hair.