Tips for removing your Synthetic Dreads

How long can I leave the synthetic dreads in my hair?

Dreads that are braided into your hair will look good for about two months, somtimes even longer. We advise you to not wear your dreadlocks longer than 3 months. Your hair will have grown so much that your hair will tangle and become dreadlocks of its own. If you still want to wear your dreadlocks after 3 months you can take them out and braid the dreads back in again after washing and combing your hair. This will do no damage to your hair. The advantage of this is that you can wear your dreadlocks more than once.

Removing your Synthetic Dreads

Removing your synthteic dreadlocks is very easy, you just cut the elastic band on your dreads. A seam ripper is a very handy tool to do this, it is faster, easier and the chance you cut your dreads is a lot smaller. 

After cutting the elastics you take out your dreadlocks, you can do this by pulling your dreads apart. A pin tail comb can make this more easy for you.

Don’t comb your hair directly after removing your dreadlocks. Make sure you wash your hair first, make it wet and put some conditioner in. Go through your hair with your fingers until it feels very smooth. Then comb it with a brush, begin at the tips of your hair and go up to make sure you don’t tangle up your hair even more. If you can comb your hair completely you can rinse out the conditioner.

Then you wash your hair with shampoo, your hair is not clean until the shampoo froths.

Finally you wash your hair again with conditioner and comb it through one more time. For extra care you can use a hair mask after removing your dreadlocks.

Note! You lose about 100 hairs a day, all these hairs are now staying in your weaves. When you remove your dreads these hairs will fall out all at once. So don’t be frightened by all the hairs that come out while combing your hair, this is normal.

Washing your synthetic dreadlocks after removing

You can use your Synthetic Dreadlocks more than once. We do advise to wash your dreads after removing them. You can do this by hand but you can also put them into the washing machine. Put the dreadlocks into a washing bag and wash them at a maximum of  30⁰C. Use by preference a liquid detergent and don’t use fabric softener. After washing the dreads you dry them in the air, don’t use a wash dryer. Now you can store your dreadlocks for next time or put them in again right away!

You can wash your synthetic dreadlocks in your washing machine, but do not tumble dry them!

Wool dreads can shrink in the washing machine, this is why we recommend to wash them by hand. Wool dreads are also not suitable for tumble drying!

Storage of your dreads

To store your dreads in a proper, fun, stylish manner, we offer you the special Storage Box.