My journey to the Perfect Dreadlock

In search of the perfect dreadlock I flew from Melbourne to China at the end of May to visit one of the suppliers that Dreadshop has been working with. Part of running a company is to keep renewing and because I also love to travel, I could combine business with pleasure.


Dreadlocks of the highest quality

A visit like that is also the perfect way to get to know the people that we at Dreadshop normally only communicate with via email. It is a lot easier to communicate with someone when you are sitting across from each other. This way I could explain very clearly that we only accept the highest quality Dreadlocks for our customers. Something that is understood perfectly by the supplier fortunately.

The perfect Dreadlocks in my hands!

Before leaving I made some samples, so I could show exactly what Dreadlock I had in mind. In this course I was primarily inspired by Ann-Marie from and Dreadalinaa. When I got to see the first samples in different colors after 2 days, I couldn’t believe my luck. It was exactly like I hoped beforehand and perhaps even better; I had the Perfect Dreadlock in my hands! The structure, the length and the weight, the quality of the material and the different colors; this was the reason why I started this journey.


Contribute to better environment

This visit also gave me the opportunity to meet with the employees who make our Dreadlocks. I think it’s an important aspect of the company philosophy of Dreadshop to see where and by whom our Dreadlocks are made and how the working conditions are. I was more than satisfied with this and it confirmed my choice in supplier. Fun fact: because Dreadshop also wants to contribute to the future of the environment, the perfect Dreadlock will come onto the market without plastic packaging.


Shipment of the Perfect Dreadlock

Because of this journey I was immersed in the Chinese culture for a few days, an experience in itself. But more important, I was involved from A to Z in the creation of the Perfect Dreadlock. The first batch is expected in June in limited quantities. We expect to supply the second and third batch to you in July and August.