How long does my hair have to be to install Real Dreads?

You want to come to our salon to install Dreads of your own hair, but how long does your hair have to be to be able to make Real Dreads of it?

Making Real Dreads from short hair

When you want to make dreads from your own hair, Dreadshop recommends a minimum hairlength of 15 cm / 6”. But be aware: by backcombing your hair your dreads can become a couple of centimeters shorter after making them. By palmrolling your dreads on a regular basis they will become a bit longer, but this needs time.
Are your Dreads too short? Extend them!

Extend Real Dreads

If you can’t wait for your hair to grow longer to get Real Dreads, you can choose to extend your Dreads right away. This way you will have nice and long Dreads from the start.
When you choose for this option, it is important that your hair is at least 15 centimeters / 6” long. By backcombing your hair you dreads can become a couple of centimeters shorter. Because of this there is not enough length to attach the extensions to the dreads. We use human hair to extend Dreads. With this we can extend your dreads in any length. The choice is yours!

Making Dreads from long(er) hair

When you have half long to long hair (a length of minimum 30 centimeters / 12”) it is not problem to make Real Dreads. By backcombing your hair your Dreads can become a couple of centimeters shorter. You will end up with a good length for Real Dreads. Do you want your dreads to be even longer? Extending your Dreads with human hair is also a good option for you!

I hope you have clear picture of the options for Real Dreads with different hair lengths.

Will we see you in our Salon?

-X- Renate