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Are you tired of the daily grind? Do you wanna do something for yourself? Something that you really enjoy? 
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Become a 'Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist'!

Do you wantOnline course Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist

In 4 months I'll guide you towards becoming a Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist!
I know your struggle, your doubts, your fears. I've been there too!

I've setup my businesses multiple times, even in a country at the other side of the world where I knew NOTHING and NO ONE and had to start from scratch!
I managed!
If I did it, you can do it too!
With the right skills and knowledge, you'll succeed and I'm gonna help you, step by step!
With my almost 20 years of experience and seeing thousands of clients you can fall back on my knowledge!

Online Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist CourseYou'll get in the Online Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist Course

The course is online (in English only) and starts January 1st 2020. It will open only a few times a year. 
Limited spots are available as I work with a personal approach in small groups! 

Of course you'll learn how to make and to install Synthetic Dreadlocks! But there's so much more!

Bonuses online course synthetic dreadsOnline course synthetic dreads

Is this course for me?

 This course is serious business! I'm not just teaching you some basics,  I'll take you along in my story and I'll guide you towards a successfull business.

I want all my students to be successful and that's why I work in small groups.
There's a personal approach in this course, you get to work with me and my professional team. 

I'll have a video intake with each new student first. To get to know you and your ambitions. Together we check if this course suits you.
Limited spots are available per location/country.

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Online Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist CourseWhat's in the Online Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist Course 

What you'll learn

You're gonna learn a lot during the 4 months of this course! And it's gonna be great fun! Even though, the course is online, you won't be alone and I can assure you that you won't feel alone! Within the small group you support each other, share your questions and experiences, but also your challenges and difficulties. And of course your successes! 

Planning, Mission, Vison

The course will take 4 months and asks quite some planning, we'll guide you through and learn you how to make and follow your planning. This will help you succeed in your business planning as well! 
If you wanna setup a successful business you need to have a Mission and a Vision. These are very personal and in this course you will set yours!

Setup your Salon / Workspace

You'll learn what are the most important circumstances, furniture and tools for your client and yourself!

How to care for Synthetic Dreads 

A lot of advice is given! And you can use this to inform your client the best! So your client knows you're the #1 professional!

 How to make the Perfect Synthetic Dreadlocks

That are endlessly reusable! The highest quality in the market! You'll learn how to make them! With these Dreadlocks you make your clients over the moon happy which will make them coming back to you again and again! 

Which Materials to use

 The right materials are important to create high quality Synthetic Dreadlocks, but also to work efficient. With years of experience we'll guide you along this path! 

How to make Ombre Dreads

 A Dreadlock that flows from 1 color into another color. Think of any colorcombination and you can make it yourself!

How to Professionally Install Synthetic Dreads

 You'll learn different methods of how to install Synthetic Dreadlocks. You'll learn how to section the hair, but also how to advice clients on choosing the right color(s). You'll also learn how te create volume on clients with fine hair.

How to take out Synthetic Dreadlocks

 Safely taking out Synthetic Dreads without damaging the Dreads or the clients hair is what you'll learn! And also how to wash, take care and store them so the Dreads keep their high quality. 

Give a Professional client experience

 How to give your client the very best professional experience? We've got plenty of tips and tricks that assure you of returning clients. You'll learn how to be confident about your work and how to give the best client experience


 To stand out, you have to create high quality photos. We give you tips and tricks on how to easily make these photos and how to edit them to create your own style!

Social Media and Marketing

 This is an important part of the course and we'll go through different aspects. Sounds boring? It's fun! Especially when you see the results!

You'll learn how to attract your dream client according to your values. How to network, do collabs and resell. At the end you've learned how to actualy attract your clients and how to earn money!

Set your prices

We help you setting your prices. And with prices I talk about professional prices. I can assure you that you'll earn your investment of this course back in no time! 

Grow yourself

To run a successful business, you need the right mindset and you have to be accountable. This helps in attracting the right clients, to feel confident, professional and positive. I'll share my experience with you and give you plenty of tips!


Uneven installing for extra length
Partial Dreads, Mohawk, Sidecut etc.
How to make blunted ends
How to make fuller wispy ends
How to add Synthetic Dreads to Real Dreads
How to make a Dreadfall
How to apply a Dreadfall
Create pre-made braids
Dreadlock Decoration
How to make a Hairwrap
How to apply a Hairwrap

RenateWho is Renate 

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